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Where To Place The Penguins In Destiny 2

After picking them all up, you’ve got to put them all down again.

Where To Place The Penguins In Destiny 2

As we’ve covered before, there are a total of nine Penguins that you need to find and pick up as part of a Triumph in Destiny 2. These guys are pretty hard to find, and we’ve already written a guide for where they all are to help you out. However, to complete the Triumph you’re after, you need to place them all down as well. Here, we’re going to cover exactly where you need to place each one.

Placing the Penguins in Destiny 2 is pretty easy. There’s a room next to Variks that’s the key. Head to him, and then go into that room, you should see some pieces of parchment in various locations. These are where you need to place the penguins.

Image Source: Eurogamer

This is just one example of a Penguin placement.

Variks really is the key to all this. He wants these Penguins for himself, and he’s using Guardians to get them. The little room next door is his personal quarters, I imagine. That’s why he needs no less than nine Penguins in there. Who doesn’t want nine Penguins?

The room is pretty clear, but to make things even clearer, the game will tell you what to do. Bungie decided that since we’ve done all the hard work, they’ll give us quest markers for this one. You’ll have a marker to go into this room, and from there you can check the Triumph menu to see which Penguins you’ve yet to place.

Once you’ve placed all nine, you’ll unlock the Triumph. That’s all there is to it. I love these nonsense Triumphs as long as they’re fun, and I think Bungie struck a very nice balance with this one. Finding all of the Penguins is the hard part, but it’s not so challenging that it makes you hate the game.

There have been some really brutal challenges in Destiny 2 in the past. Some that caused me to take a break for a week or so from the game. However, this one has been a joy to follow, and I hope that each new season brings something equally silly to enjoy as well.

Let us know if this guide helped you out, and if you had fun with the Penguins, in the comments.

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