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Leviathan’s Breath (Why should you bother?)


There’s no point

It’s been a bit since I’ve put up a review but I’m back again and this time we’ll be taking a look at the Exotic Heavy Bow Leviathan’s Breath. Leviathan’s Breath is the first of its kind as it is located in your heavy slot and I have been very interested to see how it would compete with other heavy weapons in the meta. Let’s take a look at its stats.

Reload Speed10
Draw Time20


Ok, let’s make something very clear. Leviathan’s Breath is not a weapon I would recommend in PVP. It has one of the slowest charge times of any weapon I have ever seen (It takes 3 seconds to charge an arrow!) meaning that if you’re not prepared, you’ll be taken out by most other weapons very quickly. While the bow does one-shot low armor supers (Hammer Of Sol, Burning Maul, Golden Gun, Sentinel Shield ETC) it doesn’t justify the fact that anybody in their super can kill you faster than you can even notch your arrow. My advice is to have a bit of cover when using this bow, so you can duck behind cover, count to 3 in your head and then peak out to fire. Not only does this give you time to notch your arrow but it also minimizes the chance that you’ll be obliterated by a golden gun or a sniper. You don’t get too many chances for kills either, as if you have poor aim or a very happy trigger finger (like me) then you may have a tough time hitting shots under fire. The one place that this weapon does shine however is in Gambit. Leviathan’s Breath is a monster in Gambit as heavy ammo is so plentiful and you can be way more tactical and evasive while invading. You can snipe people across the map from a distant vantage point for 1 shot kills and can snipe invaders out of their supers if they dare try and siphon your motes. However if Gambit is not a mode that you play a lot of, you’re going to have a hard time finding a use for this weapon. Sleeper Simulant is a much more powerful, faster-charging weapon that is more viable for PVP and Gambit than Leviathan’s Breath is. It’s also not worth giving up your exotic slot as dominating exotics like Huckleberry are far better choices in the long run.


Again. Leviathan’s Breath is just not worth using. Low DPS coupled with its slow charge time means that other weapons (Sleeper Simulant, Izanagi’s Burden, One Thousand Voices) are going to pump out WAY more DPS than Leviathan’s Breath will.

Have you delved into the new dungeon or picked up the Xenophage this week? Let me know in the comments what weapon you’d like to see me review next!

Image Source: PCGamesN


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