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Subjunctive SMG Review (Good, but still not Recluse)


Recluse is still king

Subjunctive is a new SMG that can be earned in the Vex Offensive and it’s turned out to be a pretty great weapon. While almost all of the vex offensive weapons are great (minus Imperative and I’ll discuss why later) this is a personal favorite of mine after using it for a couple of hours and I’m here today to tell you if this is an SMG you should use as well. Let’s take a look at its stats:

Reload Speed35
Rounds Per Minute900


Subjunctive is an interesting weapon to review for PVP. It’s got rather low range which can be improved with Ricochet Rounds and ridiculous handling. It can also come with a variety of perks to enhance its damage, like rampage. But what’s the ideal roll? 

The ideal roll would be Ricochet Rounds (for enhanced range), Quickdraw so you can whip it out faster (Comedy) and for the final perk slot, there are numerous options. You could roll Swashbuckler for more damage after a melee kill, Rampage for more damage or Multi-Kill-Clip for, you guessed it, more damage. Basically, you’re going to want a damage perk.  So, the big question is would I recommend you use this SMG in PVP? Well……

Not entirely

There’s one problem that’s keeping this weapon from being super viable. Recluse. Recluse outclasses this weapon by a longshot. While both are 900 rpm SMGs, Recluse has more range, damage potential and stability due to the Master Of Arms perk and its ability to turn Recluse into a mindless killing machine. With that said, I do believe that Subjunctive is a Recluse for people who cannot or choose not to grind in the competitive playlist, essentially making it a diet Recluse.


Again, Recluse dominates in this field as well. You could roll Outlaw but Subjunctive just isn’t viable for PVE when things like Recluse (or I don’t know, any shotgun or sniper ever) are already dominating. Just use something else.

So will you be using this Subjunctive instead of Recluse? Stay tuned for more weapon reviews and let me know what you think of the weapon in the comments!

Image Source: LightGG


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