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How To Access Vex Offensive Mode

If you’re vexxed about how to access the new activity for Season of the Undying, Vex Offensive, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide on how to unlock it.


If you’re vexxed about how to access the new activity for Season of the Undying, Vex Offensive, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide on how to unlock it.

Vex Offensive is a brand new game mode that’s part of Season of the Undying. It tasks Guardians with slaying loads of Vex as they pour out of a portal and attempt to ruin time and space once again. You would be sensible to think that you need to complete the Shadowkeep campaign before you can access this activity, but you’re also wrong.

How to Unlock Vex Offensive

Vex Offensive relies upon Guardians completing a small quest before opening up so that they can plunder all the sweet loot inside. The thing is, you probably already have this quest in your inventory and you don’t even know it. In your visit to the Tower Ikora probably gave you something, and it’s that item that you need to pay attention to.

Vex Invasion

The quest is called Vex Invasion, and don’t worry it isn’t that tough. All you need to do is get out there, on the moon, and kill 100 Vex of any description, and 3 Vex Gate Lords. This wouldn’t be a challenge for most of us normally, but the Vex have been beefed up for these encounters.

No Vex on the Moon


If you’re thinking that the Vex have never been in the moon, then you’re right. You might even have missed them up until now, but that’s because they weren’t actively invading until the 5th of October when Garden of Salvation went live. Now you might come across four or five Vex in some random places, but the real meat of this quest is where the Vex indicators are on the man of the Moon.

Heading to the areas around these Vex indicators will reward you with a lightning storm, and the Vex pour out of them. From there, all you need to do is shoot and kill as many of them as you can, ensuring the Gate Lord goes down too of course. You should only need to hit three of these storms, because they are positively lousy with Vex, filling every pixel of the screen.

The one issue is that these storms don’t seem to have a pattern, and I’ve not seen them flash up on the map either. As a result, you’ve just got to patrol around the moon, moving between each point where the Vex might appear, and wait for them. On the plus side, this is a great opportunity for you to complete some Bounties for Eris Morn and earn some extra progress towards your seasonal rank.

Some Guardians have been saying that the Vex appear in these zones after a Public Event has ended. Regardless of whether that Public Event was completed, failed, or ignored, they’re saying the Vex should show up. I thought this was rubbish, but then I did a Public Event and walked off to the side to wait for a while and see if the Vex showed up. Sure enough, about 3 minutes later they invaded.

Eyes on the Moon


Once you’ve killed 100 Vex and 3 Vex Gate Lords, you need to turn your quest in to Eris Morn. She’ll then give you a bit of exposition about Garden of Salvation, the first new raid of Destiny 2 year 3. After that, Vex Offensive is wide open for you to play. It’s not a complicated quest, but the game doesn’t make as much of a song and dance about it as you’d expect it to, so it’s easy to miss.

There are so many, much more secret, quests out and about on the moon. We’ll be covering them as we find their solutions and can post something concrete about them for you here. We’ll also be reviewing Vex Offensive very soon. Let us know your thoughts on the new mode, and the quest to access it, in the comments.

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