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Destiny 2 Horned Wreath Location

Horned Wreath is an item that is required in order to complete the Essence of Tranquility quest, which is one of many essences found in Shadowkeep. In this guide we’re going to cover exactly how you get it, and earn the weapon, Tranquility.


Horned Wreath is an item that is required in order to complete the Essence of Tranquility quest, which is one of many essences found in Shadowkeep. In this guide we’re going to cover exactly how you get it, and earn the weapon, Tranquility.

Where is Horned Wreath in Destiny 2?

To get Horned Wreath you’re going to need to be on the moon, because we’re going under the surface. This might not sound too bad, but trust me when I say we’re going really deep with this one. We’re going to write the full instructions for you below, but we’ll also include a video guide because getting this item is really tricky.

Step 1 – Go to the Hellmouth

From spawn on the moon you need to head to the Hellmouth. This may not sound too difficult to those of you who know where you’re going, but it’s not clear for everyone. Spawn in at Eris, then leave via the exit to the right and keep going until you find the area with the giant hole in the surface of the moon. The area you want to go to is the giant tunnel that leads into it, so you’ll need to circle around to the right in order to get into the large structure that goes into the Hellmouth.

Step 2 – Enter the Hellmouth

For those of you who have completed the Shadowkeep campaign, you’ll understand what I mean when I say for a large portion of this guide you simply need to progress through each area of the Hellmouth. For those of you who don’t know what I’m saying, pay attention.

The Hellmouth is constructed of several areas, one after the other, with doorways between them. You need to go through them all until you reach Circle of Bones. This is the large open area that you would usually fight your way left in, leading to the Phogoth Nightmare encounter. Instead of heading left, head right and around the circle towards the opening that doesn’t have light shining out of it. While one looks like it’s been blown open, you want to go through the opening that looks like a Hive doorway. Head in there.

Step 3 – Keep Going

This is another step where you must simply follow the rooms. Keep moving from Circle of Bones and you should reach The World’s Grave. If you don’t, you’ve gone the wrong way. From here, head left and through the big door into a room with an alter. You want to head right out of this room into what looks like a very dark cave, though it too has a Hive door opening. It’ll get really dark in here and should trigger your Ghost’s light. If it doesn’t, you’ve gone the wrong way.

Keep pushing forward and you should enter Chamber of Night. You need to head through the area towards where there is a sickly green glow, and an exit beyond that. There should be a Hive Wizard in your way, if there isn’t then you’ve gone the wrong way. Get past this Wizard, into the next room, and past the next group of enemies, which also includes a Wizard, and you’ll be heading towards an entrance with a very bright light.

Get through all of this and you’ll be in a room with a purple glow to the light. Go all the way through and don’t take any of the side exits, that’s how you get lost down here.

Step 4 – Horned Wreath

Keep pushing straight forwards until you enter a room with what seems like a huge ribcage in it. I suspect this is all that remains of some great Worm, but I don’t know that for sure. Once you’re far enough into the room you’ll get an objective indicator on the screen for the actual location of Horned Wreath, it’s slightly to the left of where you’re probably looking.

Possible Boss

I’ve put this in here because the video guide I’ve added shows nothing guarding Horned Wreath. However, when I tested the path, just to make sure it works, I encountered an Unstoppable Ogre. This thing was beefy, looked slightly different and had loads of health. My advice would be to go into this with a lot of Power Ammo so you can wipe it out quickly.

Once the possible boss is defeated or just doesn’t appear, in this tiny unsuspecting cave is Horned Wreath. You’ll get a prompt to pick up the weapon part, and that should register as Horned Wreath. You then just head to Eris, and check out the Alter to get Tranquility.


Of course there are two other steps to getting this quest completed. They require you to complete activities on the moon, and get Sniper Rifle kills, both of which are pretty easy considering the moon is massive, and filled with stuff to do and enemies to kill. As promised, the video guide to getting Horned Wreath is below.

Let us know if you manage to grab Tranquility in the comments. Check out an image of the Legendary Sniper Rifle below.

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