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Arc Logic Review – Brass Wood Chipper

Arc Logic quite honestly is one of the best autos I’ve gotten my gloves on since Breakneck. It comes from the Essence of Failure weapon quest, and is definitely worth the effort.


Arc Logic quite honestly is one of the best autos I’ve gotten my gloves on since Breakneck. It comes from the Essence of Failure weapon quest, and is definitely worth the effort.

DPS Spreadsheets aside, the gun is one of the best weapons for crowd control. In activities like nightmare hunts, raids, and the new Vex Invasions, Arc Logic is a lawn mower for any enemy too unfortunate to be in your path. The magazine is nice and roomy, and with perks like Subsistence and Overflow, you are sure to get the best for your bullets. The gun can also drop with Demolitionist and Rampage; mix in a solid reload perk like Flared Magwell or Drop Mag and it turns into quite the woodchipper.

Getting right down to it, Arc Logic is a 600 RPM Adaptive Frame Auto Rifle with a hefty 41 bullet magazine. The rapid reload speed and high magazine compensate for its relatively low impact. All of it stats are solid, making for pretty much the model Auto Rifle.

I was surprised on how clean Arc Logic felt. It’s relatively stable for an auto, but its other stats keep everything flowing, encouraging me to fire at the hip and engage in aggressive play. This gun was not made for sitting in the back row. This weapon was made with glorious, in-your-face, ballet-style firefights in mind. Many times I was called to pierce forward into crowds of enemies, with the only thing interrupting the constant fire hose of brass being the crunch of my melee against an enemy’s skull. However, it takes a little longer to chew yellow bars and shielded enemies. It felt rather unfair when the errant Minotaur stopped my crusade against the Darkness when I had to empty a couple of magazines to kill it. But packing a shotgun or decent power weapon can clean up the harder enemies and keep the Vex Milk flowing.

Overall, Arc Logic is ridiculous in PVE. It clears minors quickly and aggressively, and comes in handy when you need to keep the heat off of teammates. In modes like Nightmare Hunts and Vex Invasions, it’s a worthy use of a secondary slot. It handles great in raiding, but the problem is that you have to give up an energy slot. That means no melting with Ikelos, Riskrunner, Merciless, or the new Eriana’s Vow. But if those aren’t in your wheelhouse, Arc Logic is a great ad-burning supplement to high-damage power weapons like Swarm of the Raven, Deathbringer, and One Thousand Voices. The only problem is that all of the other primary slots aren’t really an option unless you are willing to run two ad-clearing weapons. However, there are some remedies: there are an array of shotguns available, but this cuts down on the potential for DPS. If you are hard-pressed to keep this spicy little auto on your person, you can still crank out damage with Izanagi’s Burden. In activities where DPS isn’t essential, Arc Logic shines, but makes loadout selection a little awkward.

Surprisingly, Arc handles PVP well. Once again, the RPM makes sure that any player getting too close won’t leave without some bullet holes. The range feels roomy, allowing for an efficient transition from mid to close range. However, not many players like to bring in an Auto Rifle besides Suros and Cerebus +1 into Crucible. And again, using up a secondary slot cuts out headliners like Recluse, Mindbender’s Ambition, Luna’s, and Wizard’s Rebuke. The weapon itself handles well, but just doesn’t fit into the current PVP meta. But disciples of the auto can always use the Chaperone or a hand cannon for their primary and get a heavy sniper.

The overall aesthetic is a simple one, using a simple design and a relatively clean reticle. It’s a moon weapon, so the charms on the barrel flare red near nightmares. The rapid spurt of shells to the side of the screen in tune with the RPM is satisfying as well. Arc Logic encourages rip-and-tear play and keeps the game flowing, but its slot placement makes it awkward to fit into a hardcore loadout.

Let us know what you think of Arc Logic in the comments.

Image Source: LightGG

I am a writer and Destiny 1 and 2 player. Love boxing, biking, running, and Whitman. Will never stop punching thrall, and will always mourn Gjallarhorn.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Don

    October 18, 2019 at 11:07 pm

    I personally use this with a heavy exotic and One Small Step shotty with 1-2 punch setup for nightmares or any PVE activity. Have not try it in a raid yet. For PVP it’s not bad at all and I have been able to put flank Suros and Cerberus using guardians. I got my up to 949 and absolutely love using this thing.

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