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First Season Of Dawn Lore Story Shows A Desperate Osiris


The first chapter of lore that Bungie has released in the lead up to the launch of Season of Dawn is really great. We really recommend reading through it for a number of reasons, but top of them all is the desperate picture it paints of Osiris.

After the events of Curse of Osiris, the great Warlock builds the Sundial in an attempt to find Saint-14, because it’s around his death that time has fractured on Mercury. Oddly the Drifter also shows up to take a look at the machine, but Osiris then sends him on his way with word to expect us. All of the timelines mixing together here really show how messy Osiris’ brain can be at times, particularly with all those different timelines floating around up there.

Speaking of timelines, Osiris then splits himself into thousands of copies and goes off into the Infinite Forest in search of the moment that Saint-14 dies. Unfortunately no copy is capable of finding the moment, Osiris abandons the Sundial because of it.

However, it’s the discussion of this search from thousands of Osiris Echoes that interests me. The Warlock feels every single one of his Echoes, and is aware of them dying or being injured. Through them he can live an entire lifetime, which must make him eons old, ir hold eons of memories at the very least.

One Echo goes rogue, hiding out and becoming its own person, before finally killing itself. The scary thing is that Osiris didn’t know this was possible, which makes me wonder what else he doesn’t know is possible. Osiris orders two other Echoes to simply fight on without stopping until they find the moment of Saint-14’s death, and he never hears from them again.

I love the concept of Osiris basically being an army, and having the ability to explore time in this manner, it really is one of the best stories in Destiny history. This first chapter of lore sets things up to get a little darker before Osiris finds what he’s looking for, and overall it’s a really enjoyable read. You should take a look at it for yourself here.

Let us know what you think of the lore in the comments.

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