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What Is Destiny 2 – A Parents Guide


Destiny 2 is the second game in the Destiny franchise (produced by Bungie, creators of the Halo series) and the creators centered the game’s story around the ‘Golden Age’ of technological advancement. The story takes place nearly 1000 years into the future in a world where the solar system has seen colonization. The player of the game is an ‘Earth Guardian’ whose sole job it is to protect the earth and the traveler – a sphere that makes other planets livable for humans- from ‘The Darkness’ a threat to humanity. It is your mission to revive ‘The Traveler’ that has found itself caught up in ‘The Darkness’ thus saving humanity. Sounds easy right? Well, if that were true there would not have been a destiny 2!

Do you have to play Destiny 1 in order to understand the story-line in destiny 2?

In order to understand the lore of, and basis for Destiny 2 it is recommended, but not essential that you play the first installment in the series. A quick review of Wikipedia would easily bring you up to speed. Also, you don’t have to be invested in the story to have fun shooting up the solar system!

How many missions are there in Destiny 2?

Shooters like Destiny 2 have main story-lines in the form of missions, or levels. During each level or mission, the player must defeat bosses, or monsters, or collect items to advance in the story. Destiny 2 has 16 missions that make up the single player story. They are the following:

1. Homecoming 
2. Adieu
3. Spark 
4. Combustion
5. Hope
6. Riptide 
7. Utopia
8. Looped
9. Six
10. Sacrilege
11. Fury
12. Payback
13. Unbroken
14. Larceny
15. 1AU
16: Chosen

The mission become harder with each level, but there are spoilers or walk-troughs available once you have exhausted your patience. Destiny is about skill as much as it is fortitude, so take heed, this game will kick your butt!

How much does Destiny 2 cost?

Destiny 2 with its expansions will cost you $124.97. The base game is $49.99 then the 2 expansions cost $74.98 on the gamy buying platform steam.

Is Destiny 2 a safe game for my child to play

Only you can answer that. Every child is different and has situations they cannot cope with. It is not a scary game, but it can be addictive, so remember to monitor your children and remind them to take breaks.

My kid is the world’s best at shooters, does Destiny 2 have a competitive following?

The world of E-sports is still in its infancy, but yes Destiny 2 can be played competitively. Tournaments are run by Battlefly and prizes range from $200 to $2,000 USD. Some players win electronics from sponsors in addition to the prize money. While it is not yet lucrative, the money is there for the professionals. Players can find out more by making money in other ways.

Will there be a Destiny 3?

There is no official announcement as to whether the game franchise will continue, but the outlook is hopeful.

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