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Destiny Awaits


Many of us love to escape our reality through fun and entertaining games that transport us to new and exciting worlds. We all have different tastes but there is always that ONE game that captures the imagination of almost everyone you come across. And with the rise of online gaming in the past decade, the demand and standards for games have increased drastically! One game I highly recommend is Destiny 2. So how about we explore it a little closer.

Your “Destiny” Continues

Destiny 2 is a game developed by Bungie and is a free to play online multiplayer first-person shooter game. It was first released on all major game consoles on September 6, 2017. Then in October, Microsoft released a version of the game for Windows. The game features a shared-world environment with different game types like player vs environment (PvE) and player vs player (PvP). I personally love the fact that you have to defend against various alien races. I’m a big fan of sci-fi so this game was a no brainer.
The amount of things you can do in this game is insane! As with the original Destiny game, there are 3 character classes which are Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. Each class is upgradable and has different abilities that the user can play around with. In addition, every character is highly customizable. Starting from the gender and skin color, the player has nearly unlimited options!

An Even Bigger Destiny Awaits You

A major part of the game is made up of player vs environment game types. And expansion packs allow for an even more extensive environment to explore! So we are not only limited to earth. You can also check out Titan which is a moon of Saturn! Add expansion packs and you can also get Mars and even Mercury! Thanks to the very positive reception of the first Destiny game, a sequel was a given.
Upon its release, there were various editions of the game. Collector’s Edition, a Limited Edition, a Digital Deluxe Edition, and the original release of Destiny 2. For those hardcore gamers, the Collector’s Edition is a fine choice. When you purchase the Collector’s Edition you get extra goodies like the Expansion Pass, a themed backpack, a “Frontier Kit”, A Cabal themed collector’s box with a variety of items and the base game in a Steelbook case.

Is It Really That Good?

I read up on some reviews of the game and for the most part, they were all favorable. Even with its many similarities to the first Destiny game, Destiny 2 received high praise for the major improvements that were made. In 2017 it became the second-highest-grossing game in North America. It also had massive success overseas in countries like Japan, and the UK. If you are curious and want more specifics about the games’ success and reviews then I recommend visiting google to get the latest info.

I believe that this game can satisfy even the most critical of gamers out there. The possibilities are endless! And as far as plot, I think that fans of the first game will be even more intrigued with the sequel. However, if you are somewhat new to this game I would suggest playing the first Destiny and then continuing with part 2. That is of course if you’re big on following storylines from the beginning. But as with anything, it’s always a gamble. And if you’re a gambling person who loves games of chance then click here! Destiny 2 has received several awards. These include Best Pc Game, Best Social/Online Game, Best MultiPlayer Game, Best Add-on/DLC (Forsaken), Best Ongoing Game, and Best Community Support. In the endless void of game titles, this is one that I along with many others would definitely recommend to any serious or casual gamer out there!

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