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What case has the most expensive skins for CSGO?

Opening a case and getting a cool item is one of the coolest things in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive gameplay! If you’re lucky, then your find will not only look incredible and level up your in-game status, but also bring you lots of money! The main thing is to know which cases you should open, since if you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, then you’re unlikely to find it!

To gain good experience in opening cases, and to be more prepared for the game, you can always practice using a good reliable case opener simulator, such as, for example, The website offers a wide range of exclusive CS:GO weapon cases with the most appealing skins, the ability to check out the full case contents, and the most loyal prices for the best cases, as well as a set of good bonuses.

Check out the most wanted cases with the coolest CS:GO skins!

Operation Phoenix Weapon Case

Best items: AWP Azimov

Together with Operation Phoenix, Valve released the eponymous case, which later became one of the most significant choices in the history of the game. It was this case where the AK-47 Red Line appeared first, and we should mention that this item has quite a stable price.

The second item that is worth your attention is the Asimov series gun. After AWP, this skin was also added to the P90, P250, and AK-47. 

Weapon Case 3

Best items: CZ75-Auto Victoria

This is the only case in CS:GO, which contains only pistols. Even though this case doesn’t contain any colorful skins with complex patterns, it is still interesting since it may give you items with aesthetic coloring skins with volumetric engravings.

Just check out a CZ75-Auto Victoria pistol, which looks like it was made in the royal family’s workshop!

Hydra Case

Best items: AWP The Great Demon, Five-SeveN Hyper Beast, M4A4 Hellfire

We bet you will agree that it’s quite surprising to see a Five-SeveN skin in the list of the most expensive items. But it looks cool, and it really stands out in the entire “Hyper Beast” line.

The presence of AWP and M4A4 in the case automatically increases the streamers’ and collectors’ interest in it.

Horizon Case

Best items: AK-47 Neon Rider, Desert Eagle Code Red

Another case that was released back in the days when bright artistic skins were a rarity. “Neon Rider” is one of the most popular Kalashnikov skin versions, made in an unforgettable blue, pink and purple color scheme. 

Another interesting item here is a Desert Eagle with not so bright, yet quite expensive skin. 

Prisma Case

Best items: M4A4 – The Emperor

M4A4 – The Emperor is the most popular skin for the main weapon on the pro scene. How do you get it into your collection? Well, you need to start by buying this $0.10 case! 

If you are lucky, you’ll get $22.00 profit. Also, this case is perfect for those who prefer to play with the Five-SeveN pistols, since the case contains a wonderful Angry Mob, as well as there is a super-cool AUG – Momentum skin. And finally, you can also get one of four knives (Ursus, Navaja, Stiletto, and Talon Knife) from this case!

Chroma 3 Case

Best items: PP-Bizon Judgement of Anubis

Maybe this case lacks beautiful high-quality blue skins, but it still contains some amazing skins for rare weapons. This case appeared along with the best skins for Bison and UMP, as well as one of the best patterns for the M4A1-S in terms of price/appearance ratio.

Just look at the PP-Bizon Judgement of Anubis that appeared in Chroma 3. Such skin will make AWP or M4A4 look just amazing! 

Weapon Case CS:GO #1

Best items: AWP Lightning Strike, AK-47 Case Hardened

This is the second case with an AWP + AK-47 combination. In our opinion, the skins presented here are quite cool, albeit older. Thunderbolt generally looks like a retro-skin, as if a picture downloaded from the Web and was applied to the rifle. Perhaps all this, coupled with the purple color scheme, makes this skin so attractive!

Surface hardened skin does not stand out when viewed from a distance, but it looks great when you hold it in your hands! It’s so satisfying to observe the light reflections pleasantly playing on the metal body of the rifl

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