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Destiny 2: The Season Of The Worthy Unveils Its Program, History, and Activities

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer first-person shooter. Players can participate in various missions in a shared world environment or engage in PVE (player vs. environment) or PVP (player vs. player) activities.

The Season of the Worthy launch

After The Dawn Season, will you be worthy enough to save the Last City? With the unveiling of the trailer for the upcoming season of Destiny 2, launched on March 9 at 7 pm, Bungie also heralds a new era: the Red Legion has nothing to lose so far, and plans to rush the Almighty to the mark of what remains of humanity.

For a little over three months, you will have to fight against the Cabals and its flagellators to avoid the worst, in the company of Zavala and Ana Bray, whom we met on Mars during the DLC The Guardian Spirit.

The Guardian Spirit will also be there, since through public events, the Seraphic Towers, you will have to prepare Rasputin’s defenses for what is coming. In addition, he will offer his own challenges through bunkers, in order to re-establish communications.

This new season of the Worthy will also mark the return of the Judgement of Osiris, the new high-level PvP experience, which is based on Destiny 1, with unique and exclusive rewards. It will be accessible to all players, even those who don’t have the season – sold for €10 with a brand new 100 Tier Combat Pass.

What’s new?

Amazon and Bungie have teamed up to offer players exotic reward packs for Destiny 2 on Twitch. After a first pack unveiled last month, a second pack has been launched. In this pack, players can find the following rewards:

  • Poultry Petting Emote
  • Praxic Finery Sparrow
  • Age of Tomorrow Shell

In 2017, Lars Bakken, the chief designer of Destiny 2’s multiplayer, referred to Halo’s success in the early days of eSport in an interview for DailyStar. He also revealed that, given Bungie’s eSport background, Destiny 2’s entry into eSport tournaments would be entirely possible: “That was one of our goals, but that doesn’t mean we want to go straight to the world championships,” he said at the time. Today, a lot of Destiny 2 eSports competitions are held across the globe and you can also launch your bets on the SBO eSports betting page for the most popular games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Dota 2 and StarCraft II.

To go further on the season of the Worthy

First of all, the new seasonal artifact is a blade called “Warmind Khanjali”. Secondly, there will be new weapons and armor. Season pass holders will get the new exotic automatic rifle called “Tommy’s Matchbook” and the exotic Four Horseman shotgun introduced in Destiny. There will be new armor that will be immediately available to season pass holders and can be won by other players. Finally, there are several other weapons and events that will be introduced later. Bungie teased a free event called “Guardian Games”, but did not provide any additional information. Last season, Bungie revealed information about the exotic Bastion Fusion Rifle before introducing the quest to win it. Players were generally disappointed with the weapon. It seems that Bungie doesn’t want to repeat the experience and keeps some of their cards close to his vest.

Destiny 2’s playlist for Nightfall Strike is also refreshed. Strikes are three-player activities in which players move through a dungeon and eventually defeat a final boss. Nightfall Strikes are harder versions of these regular strikes and come in several difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty level, the greater the reward. Bungie will introduce a new difficulty level, “Grandmaster Ordeal”, on April 21.

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