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How to get the Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2

Pick up the best new weapon in the game.

How to get the Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2

Vex Mythoclast has been brought back from Destiny 1 and thrown into Destiny 2 alongside the newish raid Vault of Glass. Now the weapon is available again, it’s time for all Guardians to start pushing as hard as they can to earn it for themselves. Unlike the original version, you don’t need to complete the raid on the hardest difficulty. In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how you can pick up Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2.

As we’ve already mentioned, you don’t need to take on Vault of Glass in the most challenging difficulty to get this weapon. Instead, you simply need to complete it in the standard or Challenge versions. Once you’ve completed it, Vex Mythoclast has a chance of dropping as part of the loot pool for the final encounter, Atheon. When we say all you have to do is kill the boss, we do mean that in the simplest of terms, and we’re aware it’s not the easiest thing to do in this game.

Unfortunately, the drop rate for Vex Mythoclast is a thing of great mystery right now. No one is sure just how regularly it’ll drop. As such, it’s almost impossible to guarantee that this weapon will drop for you when you play Vault of Glass and kill the final boss. If you want to have a decent chance of getting it though, completing both the standard and Challenge Mode versions of the raid every week will give you better odds. You’ll have a fresh pool of loot to collect, and at some point, the game will have to decide that you’re worthy of earning the Exotic weapon.

If Bungie has bad luck protection in place for the weapon, then you’ll earn it pretty fast. This is a system that gives you better odds of earning a weapon the more times you complete something and it doesn’t drop. Just in case that’s the situation, you should push through and complete Vault of Glass regularly to try to increase the odds.

Let us know if you’ve had any luck picking this weapon up in the comments. It’s a pretty good one to grab for various reasons. Keep an eye out for our analysis article on it on the website soon.

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1 Comment

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