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Destiny 2 Expunge Labyrinth Guide

Get through this Expunge variant.

expunge labyrinth boss destiny 2

Expunge is a big new type of activity that dropped in Destiny 2 this week. It’s one of the unforeseen additions to Season of the Splicer, and while it doesn’t appear to be linked to a secret Exotic, it just might be eventually. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to complete the first variant of this activity, because there will be more, Labyrinth.

The focus of this version of Expunge is to enter a maze, defeat Nexus Guardian Harpies, and then carry the data they drop back before killing a boss.

Step 1: Maze

labyrinth maze destiny 2
Image Source: Shack News

The first part of Labyrinth is the maze. You’ll need to navigate through tight corridors and figure out some things along the way. You start in a green room with a locked door, interact with it to proceed. There’s a small space behind the Wirewalker button on here, get everyone to crouch inside and the door will open.

Keep moving until you hit a dead end. At this point, the floor will disappear and drop you into somewhere new. Find the sliding wall with the green light behind it. you can get in there and drop down a chute to continue. Go through the triangular hallways and drop down each time you come to them. Eventually, you’ll come to a bright white one. This is exactly where you need to be.

On the left-hand side of this room will be a sliding door. Drop down into the hole and go left until you find a ramp that leads back up. You’ll come to a fork with two paths, take the right-hand one. Keep moving along the paths, but watch out for the Vex barriers that will appear every now and then to try to trip you up. Now run and jump, you need to get onto the thin ledge that you can see from here.

The next area is a jumping puzzle with moving parts similar to the mission for Whisper of the Worm. Push through, there’s no time limit, and you should eventually complete it.

The next area is the final one before the boss. It winds around a lot, so be prepared for a lot of legwork. Jump across to find platforms, and eventually you’ll reach a dead end. Shoot the Vex diamond that you can see and it’ll spawn a path for you to walk on. Use the gravity cannon to vault across the large gap, and go through any of the three red holes when you reach them.

Step 2: Harpies

nexus harpies destiny 2
Image Source: Shack News

Next, you need to move across platforms that will appear and disappear as you’re shot at by Hobgoblins. Move to the right and you’ll see a new Vex diamond, shoot it to proceed. Eventually, you’re going to come across a Nexus Guardian Harpy here. Kill it to claim a data spike. Carry that up to the gravity cannon and then launch across to the next section.

There’s a champion to kill up here, and some red boxes. Avoid these because they’ll trap whoever touches them. Keep pushing on whilst avoiding them. Move around the corner and follow the jumps until you find your next Nexus Guardian Harpy. Kill it and carry that data spike to the waypoint.

You’ll now come to an area with a few enemies to kill. Once they’re dead, kill the next Nexus Guardian Harpy and you’ll be given another waypoint to deliver the data spike to. Now you can jump across and enter the boss arena.

Step 3: Boss

expunge labyrinth boss destiny 2
Image Source: Shack News

This is where the Oppressive Mind is lurking. It’s an easy fight to finish, deal damage until the boss is immune, kill smaller enemies, then repeat. You’ll also have to kill more Harpies and deliver their data spikes to various waypoints. Once the boss is dead, you’ll earn some nice rewards.

Let us know how you got on in the comments.

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