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Heroic Public Event Trigger Guide

A lot of new Guardians have been joining the ranks over Christmas, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to offer up a new guide to help them out! Public Events are the events that occur on every planet at different times. Many bounties require them to be completed, and some quests even have you completing them in order to access Exotic weapons.

The thing with Public Events is that they can be completed as standard Events, or Heroic versions. These Heroic versions of Public Events offer better rewards and can be requirements of many different things in Destiny 2, but it’s not easy to figure out how to activate them.

So this is our guide to how to activate the Heroic versions of Public Events on each planet. A big thank you to Alizaea on Reddit for their work putting this information together for the community over there.

Glimmer Extraction Public Event

During this event there are opportunities to stop the Fallen extracting Glimmer. At each spawn there will be a smaller generator that you can damage. You need to destroy three of these in order to activate the Heroic Public Event, which tasks you with covering a pile of Glimmer, defending it from the approaching Fallen.

This Public Event occurs on Earth in the EDZ, on Nessus, and on The Tangled Shore.

Ether Delivery

This event tasks you with killing a giant Servitor. At around two thirds of the creature’s health three smaller Servitors will spawn around the bigger one, defending it. You need to kill these three Servitors to activate the Heroic Public Event.

This Public Event occurs on Earth in the EDZ, and on Nessus.

Fallen Armoury

This Public Event drops a Fallen Walker with three bubbles containing Scorch Cannons. Once you smash the Walker’s leg, it’s weak spot FYI, it’ll be weakened but also drop orbs. You need to take these orbs to the Scorch Cannon bubbles, they each take two in order to open. Once they’re open the event will be Heroic, and another Walker will drop for you to take down within the time limit.

This Public Event occurs on Earth in the EDZ, and on Titan.

Cabal Drill

This Public Event drops a Cabal drill onto the surface, which you need to capture by standing in the correct area. At around 32 percent a Thresher Plane will fly around the drill and drop enemies. You need to destroy this ship in order to activate the Heroic Public Event. Once it’s active you’ll get a boss to kill.

This Public Event occurs on Earth in the EDZ, on Nessus, and on Io.

Injection Rig

This event tasks you with taking down a massive Cabal Rig. Right from the start you’ll see the vents open, shoot them. After this you’ll have to take down a Psion boss each round in order to open the vents and have another crack and shooting them. Destroy all three vents and all three Psion bosses and you’ll get the Heroic event. Now you need to take out three vents at the top, three above the joints, and one in the bottom. Then you have to kill one final boss and it’s over.

This Public Event occurs on Earth in the EDZ, on Nessus, and on Mars.

Witch’s Ritual

The event starts with two plates on the floor, and two Witches with immunity shields. Standing on the respective plates allows you to shoot one of the Witches, do this. Once they’re dead stay on the plates because two crystals will then spawn with shields, staying on the plate allows you to destroy them. This then activates the Heroic event.

This Public Event occurs on Titan and on Mars.

Taken Blight

This event spawns a huge Taken Blight and then a few smaller ones. Don’t destroy the smaller ones, instead walk into them and then out again. This gives you a buff that allows you to attack and damage the larger Blight. Do this enough times to destroy the large Blight and you’ll spawn the boss for the Heroic Public Event.

This Public Event is intrinsically linked with the secret mission that awards Whisper of the Worm. A large and strong Taken Knight will spawn, and you need to kill it. This will spawn a portal to the mission that awards the Exotic Sniper Rifle.

This Public Event occurs on Earth in the EDZ, on Io, and in The Dreaming City.

Spire Integration

This Public Event spawns a spire that Vex will try to walk into and sacrifice themselves. If you look carefully you’ll see lines going away from the Spire, follow them. These lead to plates that you need to stand on and capture. Once all plates are captured, then the event will go Heroic, and you’ll have to take down all of the much stronger enemies that start approaching.

This Public Event occurs on Nessus and Io.

Cryo Pod

This Public Event sees a pod drop to the world that you need to open. Once the boss pops out you need to deal damage, but avoid killing it. Once enough damage has been done an Arc effect will spread over the floor, damaging you if you’re in it. Instead of damaging the boss now look to the pod, and you’ll see two steaming vents. If you deal damage to them they’ll drop orbs that you can pick up and throw at the boss. This will freeze the boss in place and activate the Heroic Public Event, which tasks you with standing near the boss to capture it, defending yourself against wave after wave of enemies as well.

This Public Event occurs on The Tangled Shore.

Ether Ritual

This Public Event is similar to another, in that it has a giant Servitor you need to kill, and three smaller ones. Instead of killing the three smaller Servitors, look for a Scorn Captain and kill that instead. This triggers white orbs to start flowing from one of the three smaller Servitors to the large one. You need to shoot these, all of them, before they reach the large Servitor. An Auto Rifle is great for this step.

You need to do this three times, once for each small Servitor, then a boss will spawn for you to kill as part of the Heroic Public Event.

This Public Event occurs on The Tangled Shore and The Dreaming City.

Rift Generator

This Public Event is quite complex. You need to head to the Generator and kill the enemies, waiting for a Scorn Abomination to spawn. When it does, kill it and collect the orb it drops, this starts the process. Keep killing Abominations as they spawn, a few more will come at you. Now you should see some Taken Blights pop up, and you need to take them down extremely quickly. There’s no secret trick to it, just get in there and shoot them.

Once you’ve done you’ll have started the Heroic Public Event, which spawns 3 Wizards around the generator, and they’ll transport you to the Ascendant Plane. Now kill the massive boss and win!

This Public Event occurs in The Dreaming City.


This Public Event drops a satellite that you need to scan and stand near to capture. After a while six Wizards will spawn, two at a time. Once two Wizards are dead a Shreiker will spawn, which you need to kill. Doing this three times in total will trigger the Heroic Public Event, and a giant boss.

This Public Event occurs on Mars.

Vex Crossroads

This event throws you from side to side of the map, differing depending on where you start. You’ll have both small and large enemies to take down, so head in with your best weapons. Defeating a miniboss in this event spawns orbs, which you can slam into a point in the middle of the area that you’re in at the time.

Now head away from the platform to the room facing away from the island and you’ll see some crystals. Shoot them. Once destroyed the crystals reveal a path to the top of a building that you must follow. Up here there’s a plate that you can stand on to activate. You need to repeat the whole process for the other side of the map, and that will trigger the Heroic Public Event.

This Public Event only occurs on Mercury.

The community have event created a helpful graphic which we’ll ad here. It’s super useful if you just want to have a look for something quickly, worth having up in your browser if you’re farming Public Events.

Let us know if we missed anything, and what you think of Public Events in general, in the comments.


Image Sources: Reddit, DestinyWiki

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