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How To Unlock Izanami Forge


Today Izanami Forge came to Destiny 2’s Black Armoury update, opening up a whole new Forge to explore and a brand new Exotic to collect. The only issue is, just like with Gofannon Forge, is that you need to unlock and then reignite it.

Izanami Forge is a surrounded by Vex, but it’s still on Nessus. This makes it a little different but not so different that we’re going to have to figure out how Forges work all over again. Izanami Forge however, has a much longer line of quests leading up to it, so get ready for a long and grinding ride.

In order to access the first part of the quest you need to kill Vex on Nessus. It’s been reported that Heroic Adventures work very well for picking up what you need, so maybe give that a go.

At this point you have the Vex Transponder. In order to activate it you need to kill 100 Vex, but that plays to your advantage. Nessus is the Flashpoint this week, so you can get that one done too if you play it right and smash out the Vex killing.

After that’s done you need to head to The Hallows, and waiting for the Spire Integration Public Event to begin. If you’re not sure what this event is, it’s the one in which Vex march towards a spire and you have to defend against them. The Heroic version of this event needs to be completed, so you and other Guardians will need to stand on three separate pressure plates in order to activate it. Once the event is complete, you’re onto the next step.

Now you need to kill Vex Minotaurs, specifically you need to kill 20 in total. Lost Sectors and Public Events are the best places to find loads of these guys. If you luck out in Gambit, and aren’t too fussed about getting this done quickly, then you could just play Gambit matches until you’ve killed 20. It should only take 2 Vex-themed matches.

Next up you’re heading over to the Izanami Forge. You’ll get a new mission that takes you to the location, and once there you need to clear it out of Vex enemies. You have to jump around the room clearing Forge Confluxes, then kill a massive Vex boss.

You’d think that was it, but you’re wrong. The Igniter in the Forge is broken, and you’ve got to go off to try to fix it.

In order to fix the igniter you need components from all the enemies of the Tower. The best place for these is Public Events; Hive Witches Ritual, Vex Spire Integration, and Fallen Glimmer Extraction. All of these need to be cleared in the Heroic variant.

After completing the first part of the Igniter repair, you’ll be half way there. The next step sends you to Io to collect Condensed Blights, and Fallen to kill and achieve precision multikills from.

To get Condensed Blights you need to run into Lost Sectors on Io and destroy the Taken Blights within. The best method is running in, destroying the Blight, and running out. Do this about 5 times and you’ll have what you need there.

For Fallen precision multikills I’m going to offer you a little advice. Head to anywhere the Fallen are, get our a Pulse Rifle, and aim for the head. Dregs are your best bet for getting what you need, just line them up from a distance and get the shots in quick. Body shots will break your multikill, so avoid them.

Another step presents itself! You need to collect Vex energy. This mission has you hunting Vex and jumping onto platforms in utter darkness. You need to shoot the blue diamonds in front of you before you can jump to the next platform, make sure you do it or you’ll fall to your death.

Oddly enough you’ll now need to head to Volundr Forge. This isn’t anymore complicated than it sounds, so fire up the Forge, complete it, and move on!

Next up it’s time to take on a special version of the Insight Terminus Strike. This event doesn’t have matchmaking, and the Power Level is 630. Running it alone is hard, but doable. My advice is to find some mates to go in with. If your team wipes, or you die, you’re sent back to orbit. So don’t be. I will tell you that at Power Level 640 it’s easily doable solo, so don’t worry too much about it.

One more mission left. You have a mission to complete at the Forge, it’s 630 Power Level, and you’ll be clearing the Forge of enemies. The Forge is a bit different because of a three island layout it has that you need to navigate. If you complete it this week you’ll net a new Bow and Pulse Rifle, as well as potentially the Exotic Black Armoury Bow, Le Monarque.

I hope we didn’t miss anything, as always let us know in the comments if we have! This is the third Forge to release, meaning there’s one more to go, and then it’s the Exotic Quest for The Last Word, at least I hope it is.

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