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How To Unlock Gofannon Forge


The Gofannon Forge has been available for a little while now but many Guardians are still having trouble accessing this second Forge. With the third Forge, the Izanami Forge, opening today, we thought we’d give you a bit of a hand in actually unlocking this content.

The first thing you’ll need to do is kill Fallen until one of them drops some Stolen Black Armoury Gear. Your absolute best bet with this is a bit mental. Head to the Scourge of the Past raid and kill Fallen Captains at the beginning of it. You may need to jump back to Orbit and re-visit a few times, but these guys have the best chance of dropping the item you need.

Now you’ve gotten that out of the way, head over to the Tower to see Ada-1. She will give you a new quest step to kill Fallen with precision shots, not that hard, and collect 35 Tainted Gear. You can get this done in about 10 minutes if you head to The Tangled Shore and do some Public Events.

After this step Spider is the next contact you’ll need to speak to. His quest, Needle in the Tangled Shore, requires you to complete the Cryo-pod Heroic Public Event, which can be found in Thieves Landing, and kill 75 Fallen with melee attacks. My advice is to head to Thieves Landing and do every Public Event, most Guardians will advance it to the Heroic version, and kill only with your melee attacks.

After this quest Spider has another for you, Scourge of the Armoury. This quest requires you to head to the Winding Cove on the EDZ with a Power Level of 620, I hope you’ve got the gear! Once you arrive markers are going to start appearing, these lead to Lost Sectors. Head to them and clear them out, all the while keeping an eye out for and collecting Black Fallen Caches. At some point the quest will update to the next step.

This step, Sivik’s Delivery Note, takes you over to Nessus. Here you need to keep an eye out for named Yellow Bar Fallen Captains, so I would go to Exodus Black if I were you.Keep an eye out around Public Events and eventually you’ll kill the right Captain.

At this point you’ll get a quest to go to a Lost Sector on Nessus, which you must clear out. Once you’ve done this you’ll find some gear, scan it. Now you need to go and scan a damaged ship in Artefact’s Edge. Head to the location and look across the gorge and you should see what you’re looking for. Go over to the ship and look for a square entrance on a ledge above you. Through there is Gofannon Forge.

Now that you’ve located the Forge you can go and speak to Ada-1, who will give you a Sniper Rifle Frame quest. This is a really basic weapon but it will reignite the Forge and get you prepped for the next Frames you put into it.

However, in order to reignite the Forge there’s a little more work to do. First you need to get out there and find 25 Compound Ether, and a Weapon Core. again.

Head to Artefact’s Edge, Nessus, or Hallows, and you’ll be pretty quick to find those guarded crates that have Weapon Cores in them. Fallen enemies will drop the other items you need as they did before.

Next up is getting a total of 25 precision kills with a Sniper Rifle, and killing 5 powerful enemies. You can try to double up on these in Strikes, but I think your best bet is Public Events once again. Keep an eye out for them in the director and just run to them and complete them until this step is done.

Next up is getting 10 multikills with a Sniper Rifle. This is in no way easy, but you can make it a bit more manageable by heading to larger areas where you can target enemies far away. Get a group of enemies in your sights and just shoot until you’ve killed at least 2. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just deadly.

Next up is collecting Radiant Seeds. These drop from powerful enemies, but you can use any weapon you want if that helps? Just plough through them in Public Events or Strikes, or at the start of Raids, you need 20 in total.

After all of this is done Ada-1 will give you the Radiant Sniper Rifle Frame. With this in hand you can head to Gofannon Forge and reignite it. Your reward for this is a Sniper Rifle named Tatara Gaze.

Image Source: VG247

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