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Titan Behemoth Glitch Might Cause Trials To Be Cancelled This Week In Destiny 2

New Crucible glitch may cause Trials to be canceled.

Titan Behemoth Glitch Might Cause Trials To Be Cancelled This Week In Destiny 2

Today I stumbled across something today that could ruin your weekend. It’s a game-breaking glitch in Destiny 2 that will destroy Trials of Osiris this week if not fixed quickly. This isn’t going to be a guide on how to activate the glitch, because we need it to be eliminated as soon as possible. Instead, I’m going to cover the implications on Destiny 2 if we don’t get a fix pronto!

The glitch is still pretty new, so we’re not sure if it’s specific to the Titan Behemoth or not. I’ve seen reports that other Classes and Subclasses can use the glitch, but it’s unclear if you need to activate it on a Titan first. For now, I’m assuming that it does need to be used on the Titan before it can be used on any other type of character.

The glitch itself makes you invisible to all enemy players. Whatever the code does, it simply removes you from the game world. Enemies can’t see you or hear you. You don’t even appear on their radar. However, you can see them. This means that you can just mill around, wait for the enemy to stand still, and get them with a quick kill. You’ll be revealed once you shoot them, but then you’re still invisible to other players.

This glitch doesn’t simply activate the invisibility affect on your Guardian. It fully removes you from the world for everyone else. It’s like you’re in a different session to them. Check out the video below, which also doesn’t show you how to activate the glitch, to see it in action.

I think we need to give Luckyy10p a big shout out for not demonstrating the activation process. It would garner a lot of views, subscribers, and money, and he’s given all that up to help the game he loves.

This is just another reason for Bungie to remove Trials for the next year. For some reason the code doesn’t seem to be able to stand up without some holes in it, and those holes are what Guardians use to cheese their way to the Lighthouse. It’s not right, and no one should be doing it.

Let us know what you think of this glitch in the comments.

Image Source: Game Rant

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