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How To Easily Win Seven Trials Of Osiris Matches

Don’t stress out in Trials of Osiris, use this little tip.


With Solstice of Heroes 2020 now the focus of most Guardians around the world, there are a lot of you out there chasing that all-important armour glow. In order to get that glow though, you need to get seven wins in Trials of Osiris. However, we’ve found an idea that might just make this seemingly insurmountable task far far easier.

Just Take It One Match At A Time

This tip actually comes courtesy of Forbes, who put out some truly phenomenal Destiny 2 content. Essentially, they say that all you need to do is pick up your Trials card, head into the Crucible, complete one Trials match, reset your card, and repeat the process seven times.

What’s the logic in doing this though? Isn’t the point to get as much fantastic loot as possible? Well you’d be right if your goal was to get the best loot you can. If all you want to do is get seven match wins though, then you just need to win seven separate matches, not seven in a row, and certainly not seven of increasing difficulty.

The theory is that regardless of where you are in Trials, you’ll be matches sup with teams who have played the same number of matches as you. This could mean that if you’ve just won four matches, you may be up against a team who is about to drop out if they lose to you. Many Guardians believe that this makes the match automatically harder, because the enemy team is pushing harder due to being about to be kicked out of Trials.

The beauty of playing that first match over and over again is that you’re all on a level playing field. Yes, you might come up against a pro team of Guardians who only play Trials, but you could also be faced with a team who are just having fun, and are actually on their warmup match.

In this early match, no one is too intense, because the stakes are so low. When I think back to the times I’ve played Trials, I always enjoyed those first matches, because you often found Guardians messing around and trying out new tactics.

If you want to win seven matches and get your armour glow, then this is the easiest, and probably most fun, way to do it. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: Destinypedia

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