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Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Bugged Out, So We All Had To Wait

The community quest that forms part of The Lie questline was bugged, and it wasn’t great for the community.


Last week, The Lie quest was dropped into Destiny 2 alongside the weekly reset. This quest was quickly picked up by most Guardians, and everyone got to the point that the community challenge was required in order to progress. The trouble was, once that was done, the quest bugged out in a later step.

The quest, The Lie, will eventually lead to Felwinter’s Lie, a Destiny 1 Iron Banner Shotgun that you don’t need to play Iron Banner in order to obtain. We’ll have a full guide for getting the weapon up soon after the quest isn’t bugged.

The trouble is, this bug wasn’t picked up until the weekend, when basically no one at Bungie was working on the game. Before that, everyone was putting time into completing Seraph Tower events. This was required on the EDZ, IO, and the Moon as part of The Lie questline. With so far still to go on this, I guess Bungie weren’t expecting to be needed over the weekend.

Unfortunately for them, Guardians piled in and pushed through the community quest. They then slammed through every subsequent quest step, as you’d expect us to, but they they all hit a roadblock.

This roadblock was called Warmind Heuristics. This quest step asks Guardians to investigate one of Rasputin’s closely-held secrets, which we all think is going to be a SIVA-infested version of Felwinter that we need to kill in order to get Felwinter’s Lie.

The mission bugged out. You need to go to the Seraph Bunker on the Moon to activate the mission, called The Tyrant, but it simply doesn’t work. Most Guardians have been waiting patiently, while others have been raging out, as you’d expect.

At the time of writing, Bungie has not fixed this issue, but that could all change in a day or so. Today will see the weekly reset, so if Bungie was going to put out a fix, today would make the most sense. However, it would be better if Bungie pushed the fix as soon as possible.

If this fix came out yesterday, then that’s great, but we suspect that it didn’t. That’s not to say that Bungie isn’t good at what they do. It would just make more sense to push a fix with the reset, and have a little bit more time to fix the issue.

Let us know what you think of the quest, and the bug, in the comments.

Image Source: ShackNews

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