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Taking A Look At The Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Deluxe Edition In-Game Items


With Shadowkeep not hitting until the 1st of October, we thought it would be good to take a look at the additional items you can get with the deluxe edition of the expansion.

This image was shared by a Guardian over on the Destiny Subreddit, and I’m not sure we’ve actually known the details about this in-game content until now. So take a look at it below, and we’ll dive into our thoughts.


Hearing Whispers Exotic Emote

This emote is Exotic, which is awesome because as someone who loves to collect the rarer items in Destiny 2, I want all of these. The fact that the emote is called ‘Hearing Whispers’ is definitely a dig at Eris Morn. She regularly says the craziest things, and she can’t hold a conversation to save her life. I’d also like to think that with the new Armour coming in Shadowkeep we’ll be able to cosplay as her even harder with this emote. I can’t wait to see you all hang around her in said Armour, with colours to match, posing with this emote for a good laugh.

Eris More Exotic Ghost Shell

I don’t know what Eris did in the Hellmouth, but everything about her became fiery and green as a result. I’ve honestly always been jealous of her Ghost, but now we can make ours look just the same with this brilliant-looking Shell. I don’t have a clue what the perks on this Ghost Shell will be, but I know there will probably be two instead of one, with one of them being an Exotic perk. I can only imagine that the Exotic perk will allow us to pick up more of the consumable now scattered around the Moon, or at least be able to gain more EXP from killing Hive, or locate Hive better. Something to that effect, but awesome nonetheless.

Blighted Omen Emblem

Emblems aren’t usually that special in Destiny 2. They can look great and be special in that way, but other than that they very rarely do something that enhances your experience. The only thing I can see this Emblem doing is helping track the number of Hive you’ve killed, or the number of times you’ve completed the new activity inside this giant keep that’s now occupying the location.

Let us know what you think f these deluxe edition items, and if you’re buying the deluxe edition of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, in the comments.

Image Source: Reddit

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