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The Three Reasons That Might Be Behind The Delay Of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep


Bungie has announced the delay of Shadowkeep and Destiny 2 New Light. They didn’t cite any particular reasons for the delay, other than they feel that Sahdowkeep isn’t ready. However, I can see two other reasons that could also be behind the delay, or at least have contributed to it in some form. I’m not saying that Bungie are wrong to delay Shadowkeep, I think it’s a clever move for an independent developer who knows that what they have isn’t ready for the public yet. But what I am saying is that these are the three reasons that might be behind the delay of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

1) Shadowkeep Isn’t Ready

It’s entirely possible that what Bungie is saying is true, Shadowkeep isn’t ready. It’s a major expansion, the size of Rise of Iron, The Taken King, and Forsaken, and that means there’s a lot of work going into it. With past expansions Bungie has been under the thumb of Activision, who have quarterly expectations for revenue. Due to this, Bungie were probably forced to release expansions and DLC early, while they knew they weren’t ready. I would wager that this time around, Bungie don’t want the fallout with Guardians, or the stress that comes with a bad launch.

2) Destiny 2 New Light Isn’t Ready

Destiny 2 New Light is a big new launch for Bungie. In fact, it’s pretty much a new game, and that comes with issues. This game is going to make it possible to play with Guardians in any activity without needing to put in hundreds of hours to get up to the right Power Level for a specific raid. I think New Light is going to bring a huge influx of Guardians, and while the servers will almost certainly crap out because of it, the last thing that Bungie wants is a broken version of the game for brand new Guardians.

3) Google Stadia Isn’t Ready

Destiny 2 New Light launches for Google Stadia, and cross-save is a huge part of that launch. I myself will be playing on the platform, and I don’t want to have to start from fresh, I want to be able to load up my profile on a Chrome browser, and continue playing. This is the biggest problem for the whole Shadowkeep launch, as Destiny 2 New Light launches with it, and it needs to be perfect. Even though the Google Stadia version doesn’t need to be ready for Shadowkeep launching, the infrastructure needs to be in place at least. Bungie may be delaying Shadowkeep so that they can put in place the code required to make the launch of Google Stadia easier, and that can just take time.

Those are the three core reasons we could think of for the Shadokeep delay. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: Bungie


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