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Season of the Drifter ViDoc Released


Bungie have finally dropped some information about Season of the Drifter, and it is so damn exciting! Yesterday we posted that a ViDoc was coming and now that video is here. Check it out below and read on for some of the highlights just in case you missed them.

Power 640

If you played Season of the Forge content then you’ll remember the struggle a lot of Guardians had getting to the Power level of 610 before they could really play it. Bungie heard the complains about this Power cap, and the fact that Destiny 2 doesn’t really accommodate quick Power levelling.

As a result there will be Bounties for Guardians to take on from day one of this new season, starting on March 5th. The new Bounties are guaranteed to level a Guardian up to 640 Power within the first couple of hours of playing, meaning they can access the new Season of the Drifter content.

Gambit Prime/Reckoning Loop

Bungie say that the first thing we’re all going to do is talk to the Drifter, and he’ll tell us to head into Gambit Prime, a brand new Gambit mode. Apparently the rewards we earn from this are what we’ll want to take into Reckoning, which is yet another new activity I believe.

Here’s where the loop comes in. According to Bungie we’ll want to use the rewards from Reckoning in Gambit Prime, and the circle starts anew. I like that there’s an active loop of gameplay that will see us progressing and earning new loot. this has been missing from Destiny 2 for a while, and will make it feel a little more complete.


Obviously there’s new lore, but this one’s weird. The Drifter is working with the Nine, and that’s not always a good thing. Who knows if helping him is even the right thing to do?

Gambit Prime

This new version of Gambit is going to evolve as time goes by, and Guardians unlock new perks. It’s a one-round, intense version of standard Gambit, which is already a bit crazy for me.

One big change is that we’ll be able to actively drain Motes from the enemy team in Gambit Prime, which doesn’t seem too fair but I’ll take it. Another is that the Primeval phase of the match is now more like a Raid boss, with Guardians needing to do certain things in order to activate a DPS phase for the boss.

Dropping from Gambit Prime are new armour sets which will help Guardians lean into one of the four soft roles that apply to a team in every match. The Reaper set is for the invader Guardian who loves taking down ads and throwing Motes up all over the map. The Collector set is for the Guardian who’s best at collecting and banking Motes. The Sentry set is for the Guardian who kills all the Taken all of the time, and is the key player in taking down the Primeval. Finally we have the Invader set, for the Guardian who’s best at invading the enemy team and taking all four of them down at once.

Gambit Private Matches

These are now a thing. Jump in and check out the maps solo, or arrange a tournament!

New Gambit Maps

There are two new Gambit maps heading into rotation with Season of the Drifter. The first is New Arcadia. this map is set on Mars and is extremely open, with very little hiding space for enemies or Guardians. This map will drop with the Season of the Drifter on March 5th.

The second map is called Deep Six, and will launch in the second week of Season 6. this one has a lot of barriers, so it’ll be harder to see enemies and allies alike.

New Gambit Weapons

No stats were given on these weapons but we know that they’re coming, and there are probably more releasing over the season. The new Hand Cannon is called Spare Rations, the Sniper Rifle is called Soul Survivor, and it looks like it’ll have a perk that grants invisibility with crouching. the Grenade Launcher is called Doomsday, and while no other names are mentioned there are definitely other weapons dropping next week.

The Reckoning

Completing a Gambit Prime match opens this new piece of content up, and you’ll actually be teleported to it. The new setting is the Space of the Nine, which is a massive area that looks to be centred around a black hole.

While Gambit Prime blends PVP and PVE, Reckoning is a pure and challenging PVE activity. Bungie are staying quiet on details other than the fact that enemies simply spawn and run at you relentlessly. As things get harder and more chaotic there is a countdown timer to pay attention to, though what it counts down to is anyone’s guess right now.

Tier 1 will drop next week, but Tiers 2 and 3 will come over the course of the season. This activity is where you’ll earn the specialised armours for Gambit Prime, and again we see that loop.

The Revelry

This is part of the ongoing seasonal content, and is toted as the Spring Event. Revelry means going a bit crazy and partying, generally with a lot of drinking involved too. No further details were revealed about this event though.


From week 2 of Season 6 we will be beginning our journey towards Thorn. This is a prolific Destiny 1 Exotic that’s going to be brought forward, and I personally couldn’t be both happier and more terrified about it.

Pure Bungie

This is Bungie’s first new content drop without Activision pulling their strings, and they’re keen to point this out. They say that this is the first time ever that they’ve known what they want to release for a season for their players, and the first time they’ve focussed the content entirely around the community.

Season of Opulence

This is only briefly mentioned as being playtested upstairs by Luke Smith as he points out that Bungie is working out what the future of a Bungie-controlled Destiny 2 looks like. The Destiny 2 roadmap is going to change in the future, but it will make Bungie a far more quick-reacting live game than it ever has been before.

That’s all of our highlights from the video. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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