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Joker’s Wild ViDoc Coming Tomorrow


Bungie have announced that they’ll be releasing a ViDoc on Joker’s Wild at some point tomorrow. The ViDoc is no doubt going to be similar to the one for Black Armoury, and contain some details about the new content we can enjoy, as well as the major changes the update will bring with Season of the Drifter.

Cozmo Tweeted about the ViDoc, saying that it’s mainly going to focus around the changes coming to Gambit with the new season. We already talked about some of the changes Bungie is making to the Gambit game mode in Season of the Drifter if you want some further details.

Before the Season of the Forge trailers for the ViDoc were released at about 9AM or 10AM PT, so we could well see these tomorrow. The ViDoc will probably then follow shortly after alongside the weekly “This Week at Bungie” update article.

Usually the weekly update from Bungie contains a few things. First is always a little bit addressing the community and whatever issue has been their focus this week. Then there’s generally a bit of news that leads on from the previous section, which last week was Gambit changes. This week I expect we’ll have a list of quality of life updates that I know all Guardians are dying to get hold of.

The final part of the update is then usually a community focus, showcasing some videos and other fan creations such as art or stories. This is always my favourite section, but I think tomorrow’s update article is going to be heavily focussed on the Season of the Drifter.

Here’s the thing though, Joker’s Wild is Destiny 2 Season 6. Each new season brings new challenges and additions to the game. We know from the annual pass roadmap that we’re going to get a load of new content, but within this content we don’t know what we’re going to see.

The Drifter is a mysterious character. In Gambit matches you can see a giant black plant swirling around behind him, and on some maps you can see his ship towing what looks to be a moon behind it.

I hope that Joker’s Wild will explore the Drifter in a fair bit of detail. I want to see who this character is, where he’s come from, and what his motivations are. I don’t think he’s a true Guardian, but he’s certainly not averse to them or he wouldn’t be in the tower. Does he need something? Is he trying to get something that we’re just not aware of yet?

I’m also excited to see a proper expansion focussed around my favourite game mode, Gambit. I think this season of the annual pass could be very interesting.

The ViDoc tomorrow probably won’t answer my questions, but it will hopefully at least give us a hint about how much information we’ll find out about this mysterious Gambit vendor.

Let me know what you want to see from tomorrow’s ViDoc in the comments.

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