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Gambit Changes Teased Ahead Of Season Of The Drifter


With Season of the Drifter now looming on the horizon Bungie felt it time that they tease some of the changes coming to Destiny 2 along with it. The changes they chose to tease relate to the game mode you’d most associate with the Season of the Drifter, Gambit. More details will be provided on the quality of life changes as well as those changes coming to Gambit in the next week or so, but for now here are some of the changes Bungie is making.

The third round of Gambit has changed. When teams face off against each other it currently means they need to fight through rounds of Gambit, winning two in a row or two out of three. Now however the third round is a Primeval Rush round. This sounds as if it will basically spawn the Primeval for both teams and award the round to whichever one can destroy theirs the fastest.

Invader spawn points are being revamped. Right now there are a couple for each map, meaning it’s pretty easy to predict where an invader will come from once you hear the Drifter tell you they’re on their way. Now Bungie have increased the number of spawn points and the rate at which they’re randomised. The idea behind this is to make it fairer on invaders, to stop them spawning so close to enemies, but also make it fairer on each team, preventing the invaders from ruining their run too much.

A new system that tracks how long Guardians stand idle will prevent any of them jumping into matches and going AFK. Now if a Guardian is idle too long they won’t receive anything at the end of the match, including Infamy Points.

A Gambit Triumph has been altered. Light vs Light can now be progressed through by killing any guardians with a Super, not only Invading ones. This means that the title of Dredgen is now far more attainable.

The blocker system has been completely changed. Now when you send a small, medium, or large blocker you’ll be sending something slightly different to the enemy side.

  • Small blockers are now a Taken Goblin, which has less health than the previous form of a Taken Phalanx.
  • Medium blockers will now send a Taken Captain with a bit more health than the previous form of a Taken Knight.
  • Large blockers now send a Taken Knight with more health than the previous form of a Taken Ogre.

For the final week of Season of the Forge Infamy will be awarded at triple the normal rate. This next season is going to completely change Destiny 2 once again. There will be new rewards, new activities, and a completely new Destiny 2 in many ways. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Image Source: Eurogamer

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