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Multiple Races To Have Access To Stasis Over The Course Of Destiny 2 Year 4

Luke Smith has confirmed in an interview that other races are going to get the power of Stasis in Destiny 2 Year 4.


Last week we got a brand new trailer for Destiny 2 Beyond Light. This came out of the Xbox Games Showcase, which was all about the games coming to the Xbox Series X. However, what we also got was a small tidbit about Stasis, and how it’s not going to be restricted to just Guardians for the whole of Destiny 2 Year 4.

In a post-event interview, Game Director Luke Smith explained that Guardians won’t be the only ones to have access to Stasis over the course of Destiny 2 Year 4. The way he puts it is that other creatures will also get to control Stasis too.

I and many other Guardians believe that this means that eventually there will be versions of each enemy race wielding Stasis as a weapon. Whether this is through their weapons, or through the same power of Darkness that the Pyramids provide, we just won’t know until the expansions launches.

This would seemingly confirm that Stasis isn’t actually the power of the Darkness, it’s an element that the Darkness allows us to control, in the same way that Light allows us to control other elements. I explored this in another article recently if you’d like to read into the subject in more depth.

Here’s the thing though, other races have always been able to use the current elements in the game through their weaponry. This is something that everyone is able to do from the looks of things, so what Luke Smith is talking about could be one of two things.

First, Smith may just be telling us that eventually we’ll start seeing Stasis weapons on every race in the game. We see every other element get used, so that would make sense in terms of lore, and pretty much everything else in Destiny 2.

The second option is a little more sinister. If every other race gets a chance to wield Stasis through the power of the Darkness, then it could indicate that the Pyramid on Europa is entering us all into some sort of battle royale experience.

In my head, this battle royale would take place over the year. Guardians would be the first race to get Stasis powers, and they would be pitted against the Fallen that we already know are on the moon. Once Guardians, hopefully, overcome the Fallen enemies, we’ll be faced with either the Vex, Cabal, or Taken with Stasis abilities.

With three other races to cycle through, that gives us three possible seasonal themes. Each season would see us fighting a new race that’s gained control over Stasis. Then the final season of the year could be all about rising as the victors, the race that has mastered Stasis above all others.

I don’t know where the story would go from there, but it would probably have something to do with Savathun.

Let us know what you think of this in the comments. It’s a weird one, but also very interesting.

Image Source: GameSpot

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