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Iron Banner Kicks Off With Bonus Valor Today

Don’t miss out on that Valor boost this week.


Just in case you live under a rock, Iron Banner kicks off today. Bungie announced this last week, and they confirmed that not only will it bring all the usually Iron Banner greatness, it will also give you the opportunity to earn increased Valor.

As always, this week’s Iron Banner will be all about the Crucible game mode, Control. If you want to win, and everyone does, then you’re going to need to play the objective. This means standing on those capture points and defending at least two for your team until the end of the match. If you play this way, you’ll win almost every time. If you ignore the game mode though, and just run around shooting other Guardians, you can kiss most of your wins goodbye.

This week’s Iron Banner is interesting because you’ll be able to earn Valor at an increased rate. We don’t have the exact details on this yet, but the increased earning is usually enough to make a difference for anyone chasing a reputation reset for the season.

It’s worth doing this now, and looking at the Crucible Triumphs that you can complete, because you won’t have time to look at them when Beyond Light launches.

Even though many of the Crucible Triumphs are remaining in place once Beyond Light has released, some are disappearing. It’s worth checking out what you haven’t done now so that you can work towards it before the expansion drops.

I’m using this time to do all of the things that I’ve been ignoring in Destiny 2 so far. That means looking at the Crucible and doing as much as I physically can. I’ve always loved the Crucible, but I’ve never chased Triumphs. There are also certain Exotic quests that I’d love to complete before they’re gone, and now seems like the best time to do them.

The increase in Valor comes towards the end of the last season in Destiny 2 Year 3. It’s there, as it always is, to help those Guardians who want to work towards a Valor reset before the end of the season. The only real difference now is the transition to a new year in Destiny 2. Hopefully this increase in Valor will help everyone out.

Let us know if you’re taking part in Iron Banner this weekend in the comments.

Image Source: Bungie

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