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Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch Notes Explored In-Depth


Bungie have pushed out another Hotfix for Destiny 2. This is all part of the process of aligning the Season of the Drifter with what players were expecting from it. As we did with the patch notes for Hotfix, and with the update notes for 2.2.0, we’re going to explain the notes here in layman’s terms just in case you found the developer speak a little too obtuse over on Bungie’s website.

Director Challenge Rewards Updates

Director Challenges are the ones you see when viewing activities in the Director. There are usually daily and weekly Challenges for activities such as Crucible, Gambit, Strikes, and most others in the game.

The rewards you get from these challenges have now been tweaked so that up to Power Level 690 you should be receiving more powerful rewards. What this really means is that the Power Level of the rewards you get should be higher than you’re used to seeing from these Challenges.

In my head it means that every reward, until I’m Power Level 690, should be at or above my current Power Level, but probably above it.

After Power Level 690 Bungie say that these rewards should continue to provide you with gear at a Power Level above your own by around 1, which is to be expected with the current cap being so high.

Quest and Bounty Updates

An issue with the Pursuits Inventory was preventing Guardians from being able to access the Allegiance quest if the Pursuits Inventory was full. That’s now been fixed.

The requirements for the weekly Collector Bounty in Gambit has now been decreased, most likely because it required a couple of days worth of playing to complete. Bungie say the Bounty will now align with other weekly Bounty requirements, which I think means the same amount of effort is now required.

Reckoning Updates

The Glass modifier has now been removed from the Daily Modifier rotation for Reckoning. This activity is already balls to the wall hard, I don’t see many people missing this modifier.

Prism is the modifier that has replaced Glass, and I believe that Glass will be out of the loop for the foreseeable future.

Triumphs Updates

An issue with the Dark Age Triumph not unlocking after Guardians have completed a Gambit match with a full set of the correct armour has been fixed.

An issue with the Glory Win Streak Triumph updating Triumphs for previous seasons has now been fixed. Your wins should now count for the Season of the Drifter Triumph.

Sandbox Updates

An issue that allowed Guardians to cancel Blade Barrage Supers, allowing them to be propelled into unintended play space, has now been fixed. This issue was a glitcher’s dream, but it’s probably for the best that it’s gone.

Miscellaneous Updtaes

Stacks of five Gambit Synths may now be exchanged for 100 Glimmer with The Drifter. Perfect.

That’s all the notes for Hotfix, we hope you understand them fully now. Let us know if any of these affect you in the comments.


    • Well I think they just don’t want people using it to break through walls in the game world, rather than outright not using it.

  1. I played over 800 hours in Destiny 2 and at like 880 hours I finally got the shards gauntlets way after you guys Nerfed them and now they’re useless.


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