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Bungie Is Finally Starting To Address PvP In Destiny 2

The way we progress with vendors is about to change a lot.

Bungie Is Finally Starting To Address PvP In Destiny 2

Earlier last week we discussed how Bungie’s lack of updates, even though it was planned, had Guardians worried. Well, that’s been partially remedied with the most recent This Week At Bungie article that was put out last Thursday. There’s a lot of content in there, but one of the most important key takeaways is actually how Bungie is beginning to address the issues with Gambit and the Crucible.

Updating Vendor Reputation Gains

The segment of the article that discusses PvP is actually pretty hidden. It’s in with some mentions of a new season and reputation, you have to dig to get it out. Luckily, we did.

bungie says that from season 13 onwards, they’re going to be revamping how Guardians use Vendor Reputation Tokens. They’re the drops you get from activities and packages. I’ve barely been using them myself since the rewards are never as good as what you get for daily quests and bounties.

However, now with both Gambit and the Crucible, there are going to be two unique weapon drops to each playlist for a total of six. They’re also in addition to the ones that have been added with Season of the Hunt, so you know they’re going to be interesting.

From season 13 forward, Guardians will now be able to track the rewards they get for each rank of Infamy or Valor in a season with the relevant vendor. This means that you can turn in and see the relevant Vendor and see what you’re working towards, allowing you to understand where the best weapons are coming from.

This system will be coming to Strikes in a later update, I think we all know that PvP needs some attention first though.

This system seems to encourage Guardian participation in the ranking system. I think it’s a pretty big improvement. I like the idea of being pushed to be more involved in the ranks, rather than just sitting in a playlist for hours with items dropping in my inventory every now and then.

An example of the system we’ll be getting, and the rewards to pick up, follows.

  • Rank 4: 3x Upgrade Modules
  • Rank 7: 3x Enhancement Cores
  • Rank 10: Seasonal Ritual Shader (changes to 3x Enhancement Cores after resetting your rank)
  • Rank 13: 2x Enhancement Prisms
  • Rank 16: Seasonal Ritual Emblem (changes to 2x Enhancement Prisms after resetting your rank)
  • Reset Reward: Ascendant Shard (changes to Exotic Engram after resetting your rank)

AS a result of this system the Vendor Tokens are being scrapped. Log into Destiny 2 today to spend them before they’re completely worthless! Then let us know what you think of the upcoming system in the comments.

Now if Bungie could just work on the mess that Stasis is making of PvP.

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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