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Bungie Has Disabled The God Mode Activating Coin Flip Emote

Tossing a coin in Destiny 2 was way more powerful than it is in Batman, until Bungie killed it.


Bungie has reached out into Destiny 2 and flicked the switch on an Emote, the Coin Flip. There’s a very good reason for this though. The Emote effectively enabled God mode, breaking everything in ever PVE encounter. Yes, this is amazing in some situations, and it’s good for a laugh, but it needs to be fixed for the long-term good of Destiny 2.

How Did You Enable God Mode?

While it’s now no no longer possible to enable God mode in this way, it was very easy. All you needed to do was wait in the loading zone before an encounter. Here you then had to use Coin Flip, and then any other Emote that used a hologram. The sitting into a chair Emote, or hockey Emote would both work very well.

From there, you could then move through an encounter without enemies bothering you. They’d let you shot the crap out of them and wouldn’t respond whatsoever. Why did they do this though?

Well the Coin Flip Emote, plus any other holographic Emote, would disable the detection script in each enemy. They wouldn’t be abel to track Guardians, and would just sit around waiting to be killed as a result. It was very funny, and you could use it basically anywhere. Imagine popping it in a raid and then murdering the boss, how easy would that have been? Or even a dungeon.

Now though, Bungie has disabled the Emote because this is just too much power for us to be trusted with. I agree with them to be honest.

Bungie hasn’t explained why the Emote did this, or when they’ll be adding it back into the game. Since this is an item that some Guardians might have paid real world money for, they need to get it back in pronto. Even those who had it equipped can now no longer use it, meaning this was a really hard pull of content from the game.

It’s never easy for a developer to run an MMO. But this does highlight a potential issue moving forward. What sorts of issues are Bungie going to cause when they remove half the content that’s in Destiny 2, and put new stuff in? I can’t wait to see what Emote flips the God mode switch next.

Image Source: Reddit

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