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Bad Juju Added To Destiny 2


If you played Destiny 2 yesterday you may or may not have noticed that a brand new Exotic weapon has been added to the game. While Bad Juju isn’t new in terms of Destiny history, originally being a gun from Destiny 1, it is new for Destiny 2, and Guardians have been gagging for it since Forsaken launched.

Guardians first noticed something was different when a chest appeared next to Werner on Calus’ Barge on Nessus. This is where Guardians come to pay Glimmer to open chests, receiving runes to use in the Chalice of Opulence which allow you to define what weapon your reward will be from the Menagerie.

This chest is new though, but it still requires 5,000 Glimmer to be spent in order to open it. Those curious Guardians who have opened it found that a new location called the Tribute Hall appeared on Nessus. Going there wouldn’t reveal much, since a Bounty had to be completed before the doors would open to any Guardian.

Of the Bounties you can choose to complete, the easiest is to kill 50 enemies. Some Guardians have suggested picking that up and then heading into a Strike for extra efficiency. Either way, with the Bounty complete, the doors open, and inside there are Tribute statues that all have a task associated with them.

These Tribute statues encompass an array of items which must be purchased from Calus. Some can be purchased for Planetary currencies, while others, at least 5, require Bright Dust. However, it’s the 5 golden statues of dogs from the Pleasure Gardens that you need to be focused on, because once the fifth has been purchased Bad Juju will be yours.

Initially Bad Juju sits in the Tribute Hall, inside a case that can’t be opened. This tease is fantastic, and has had the Guardian community writhing in agony all night. Of course those clever clogs over on the Raid Secrets Subreddit figured it out faster than you can Blink Jump, and now several Destiny 2 YouTubers have the Exotic weapon.

It seems like the quest to get Bad Juju isn’t as challenging as the one for Outbreak Perfected or Whisper of the Worm, which is great in my opinion. So far all the ‘secret’ Exotic quests have involved missions that you need to be at maximum Power Level for if you want to run them solo, whereas the one for Bad Juju sounds like it’s possible on your own at a fairly decent, but not max, Power Level.

We’re currently working on a guide for how to get the Exotic Pulse Rifle Bad Juju, and will post it on the site as soon as we’ve ironed out all of the quest steps.

Let us know what you think of Bad Juju being added to Destiny 2 in the comments.

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