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Anthem Is Copying Destiny 2’s Loot System, But Is That A Bad Thing?

Anthem is going to be copying Destiny 2’s loot system, but are we that bothered?


A recent blog post from Bioware has dived into some of the details about how that game is being updated ahead of the big new update it’s going to see in the future. That update is being called Anthem Next, and it looks like it’ll bring the game’s loot system a lot closer to what we have in Destiny 2.

Some sites have decided that they think this is lazy, or that for some reason the loot system in a game should be sacred and protected, and never used anywhere else. Here’s the thing though, if it’s fun, why shouldn’t it be used elsewhere?

Bungie has put a lot of effort into the loot system in Destiny 2. Initially it was abysmal, and more of a chore, but now it feels like a fulfilling cycle of always being given something better. Whether you’re just playing casually, or actively pursuing an Exotic weapon somewhere out there in the world, the loot is always something that you’re satisfied with.

That is, unless you’re at maximum Power Level. With the addition of seasons though, there are now more ways to push yourself than ever before.

Anthem has a loot problem at the moment. It’s fun in some ways, but the only way to take a weapon forward is to earn a slightly better one with a slightly better set of components on your Javelin (the suits you wear in the game).

This definitely feels like a grind. It doesn’t necessarily feel boring, but it is certainly more so than Destiny 2 ever was. Bioware are in a tough position because this is their first new IP MMO, and it’s taking a hit from everyone, no matter what they do.

However, I’d argue that borrowing elements from MMOs that have well established fan bases that love the game they’re playing is never a bad thing. In fact, I’d say it makes more sense that trying to come up with a completely new loot system.

Anthem Next, the big new update, needs to be drastically different to the base game if players are going to stick around. This loot change just might be enough to convince everyone that this is a game worth getting back into.

Let us know what you think of Anthem borrowing from Destiny 2 in the comments.

Image Source: Bioware

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