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New Iron Banner 6V6 Control


Iron Banner returned yesterday and it’s turning out to be a glorious start to Destiny 2 Season 3. The mode this week is Control but with a vital difference, it’s 6V6.

The norm for Control has been 4V4 for quite a long time, and while a lot of the maps are geared towards this there’s something to be said for that feeling of having a couple of extra team mates, as well as a couple of extra enemies.

Over on the Destiny subreddit Bungie are being praised for the change to 6V6 and Guardians are begging for this to stay. Whether Bungie keep this mode the same from now on is up for debate because change is what keeps Destiny 2 interesting. New weapons, new maps, and new modes enrich the content on offer and give us something that’s familiar but different enough that we enjoy it thoroughly while it’s here.

The ultimate example of Bungie implementing temporary change is live events, which Iron Banner is part of. But I mean something more like Crimson Days or Sparrow Racing, too much of these would make them dull and uninteresting, but the fact that they’re only around for a little while makes them special.

Season 3 is set to be the beginning of a whole host of changes for Destiny 2 anyway, so I think we can expect to see Bungie making decisions as the season goes on with regards to changing game modes and maps and other such systems.

The main question many have is will they enjoy this updated version of Control? To answer you need to know if you prefer frantic matches of shooting enemies as they appear, or carefully trying to coordinate with Guardians? In 6V6 there’s far more coordination required because the team could so easily get stuck in one section of the map, leaving multiple zones unprotected.

In 4V4 Control the rules were different, and since there were only four of you there was a good chance of wiping the enemy team out. Now however it’s even more of a bloodbath, with bullets and energy bouncing off of walls in all directions while Guardians frantically try to score a last minute point and win the game.

My tips for Control will always be the same, play the objective. It’s called Control so focus on gaining control of the zones over anything else. If you can contest a zone then you can win it from the enemy, you just need to be determined enough. If you play this way I guarantee you’ll enjoy this week’s Iron Banner much more than you will if you run around shooting people and ignore these objectives.

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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