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Truthteller Is One Of The Best Legendaries You Can Get Right Now

Like The Mountaintop? You’re going to love Truthteller then.


The Mountaintop was an incredible weapon, particularly in PVP, but now it has some competition, which is probably a good thing since it’s going to be taken out of the game rather soon. Truthteller is a new Lightweight Frame grenade Launcher, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

How To Get Truthteller

There’s no secret to getting Truthteller in Destiny 2. The weapon drops randomly from most sources in the game. While this does make it somewhat difficult to track one down, there are a few places that you should prioritise your search for it in.

Zavala’s Engrams are generally quite powerful, as well as Vanguard Clan Engrams. Crucible Engrams and Crucible Clan Engrams will also have a good chance of a decent roll of Truthteller dropping. Finally there are Legendary Engrams, though I’d say these have the worst chance of the weapon dropping, or Rank Up Packages from Banshee-44, which are going to be one of the best places to try to get Truthteller from.

It seems like most Guardians are having the best luck getting Truthteller from Banshee-44, so maybe try to prioritise this Exo vendor if you want to get the weapon as fast as possible. It probably has something to do with the fact that this guy only ever gives you weapons.

The god rolls for Truthteller are said to be fairly easy to get your hands on. The kinds of loadouts you’re looking for in your weapon are as follows.

PVP God Roll Truthteller – Quick Launch, Spike Grenades, Feeding Frenzy, and Multiclip Kill.

PVE God Roll Truthteller – Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, Auto-Loading Holster, Quickdraw.

While these are out there as the ‘ideal’ perk loadouts for Truthteller, they’re not the best for every Guardian. Play around with different rolls as you get them to see which ones work best for you, it might be that you need a combination of different perks for your particular play style.

Truthteller will hopefully stick around after the mass content culling that is coming with Destiny 2 Beyond Light. The weapon is part of Season of Arrivals, and all of this year’s seasonal content should be around for at least one more year before it gets vaulted.

Let us know if you’ve got Truthteller, and how may Guardians you’ve killed with it, in the comments.

Image Source: FanByte

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