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Rocket Launcher Build is Coming to Destiny 2 For Season of Arrivals

Yes, the time came when we are going to say the words “rocket launcher build.” This weapon class got a significant buff, and it will be introduced to Destiny 2 in the upcoming months. They’ve already put a few different mods in Season of Arrivals that can be combined for one specific update.

They decided to address fans’ demands about making rocket launchers better. Players can use specific builds that will improve their rocket launcher power. There are a number of different moving parts, and even though it might be a confusing process, they will be pretty damn strong and much more fun to play, especially in public events.

Let’s go through the things you will need:

Solar Armor

The entire selection of rocket launcher related skills are combined with Solar armor, and it needs to be masterwork since these abilities will cost. A Solar armor with as much as seasonal slots as possible will be the ideal situation.

Main Mod

The main mod for this fantastic build has been misworded from a lot of players and confusing to be something else.

People thought that this mod would allow you to do more damage with rocket launchers for a short period of time by charging with Light.

In order to make it work, you need to switch to a rocket launcher while charged with Light, which will give you an additional 20% more damage buff that will only last for a while. There are usually four charges with Light and four rockets. So, you can charge every rocket with Light in order to do 20% more damage.

Other Mods

Other mods like Blast Radius will let you become charged with Light by killing enemies rapidly with a rocket launcher, which some players might consider a lot easier than the main mode.

Taking Charge is another mode that will let you deal additional damage and charge your rocket launcher by picking up an orb that can be used at any time.

Oppressive Darkness is actually a debuff on void granites that will allow you to deal 20% damage against bosses.

Heavy Finisher is the mod that will cost you half your super, but still worth it. It will let you rocket spam everything in your path to the point of destruction. It is important to note that you can choose between this and Oppressive Darkness, you cannot have both.

Supercharged, as we mentioned, gives you four stacks of Charged with Light, which is why you need all non-exotic armor.

There is a couple more like mods Rocket Finder, Scavenger, Reloader, but they come at a high cost, and they all require a solar armor.

Rocket Launcher to Use

Glazing through all rocket launchers, obviously, Wardcliff is the one that is considered as the best call. The ability for mob clearing, extreme boss damage, and the masterwork that will let you generate its own orbs is the reason why its player’s first choice. Launchers like Truth, Deathbringer, or Two-Tailed Fox do not have such options.

There are some rocket launchers like Pyroclastic that can work well with these mods since they have Auto-loading, but you should still go with Wardcliff.

Classes and Subclasses

You can use this scenario with every class. However, they all perform differently.

Titan – Uses hammer strike for boss debuff and rally for reload, so maybe it is the weakest option here.

Hunter – This class shines with the instant reload of rockets and Tether for debuff, so it is the right choice.

Warlock – This is a class that it is super-fast just as a horse winner on the Kentucky Derby, so pairing with heavy weapon finisher is fantastic.

Final Words

This is the time where rocket launchers will be reborn. All you need to do is spam rockets, get charged with Light, find some ammo, and repeat the process. You will destroy everything in your path.

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