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The Python Shotgun – Nifty


With a new season upon us, Bungie has unveiled a new set of pinnacle weapons. This time around, the Drifter has something interesting to offer: The Python Shotgun. Besides the fact that many players consider Gambit to be a turn-off, the quest itself is not soul-crushing. All it asks is for is 500 shotgun kills, 150 close-range shotgun kills, and a Gambit rank of Heroic.

The quest itself can be knocked out in a weekend at the most. The best strategy is to simply brute force it with triple shotguns. Weapons like Acrius and Tractor Cannon work wonders for DPS, and Lord of Wolves can function as an all-around ad clearer. The only caveat is that Guardian kills award extra progress. By just mowing down ads, the quest takes a couple of days, but with the right coordination, invader kills can cut this down to a matter of hours.

However, you have to invade. With shotguns. Yikes. Even if you do get close enough to get a kill, it’s usually only a single down while the other three players tear you a new one. Just focus on ads, and give an invasion a go to help boost your progress.

But what about the weapon? The Python is an aggressive-frame shotgun with Small-Bore and Extended Mag. That’s all well and good, but more importantly, this piece carries Overflow and One-Two Punch. Compared to other pinnacles with rather meta-breaking perks (I’m looking at you, Recluse), this weapon seems a bit tame, but all in all, Python kicks ass. Overflow gives you at least 12 shells to shove into enemies, and if that isn’t enough, One-Two Punch will make sure nothing else is left twitching. The overall damage output is generous, especially with exotics like Wormgod Caress and Liar’s Handshake (even post-nerf).

The weapon also comes with Feeding Frenzy and Shield Disorient, but, to be honest, that’s not why players should get it. Overflow is the star here, and rightly so, because the Python is the only shotgun in the game that has this trait. The aggressive frame fits in well, and since the weapon fires faster with each kill, dispatching hordes of enemies becomes much easier.

In PvP, this is not the gun you’re looking for. It works as a shotgun, but there are so many other weapons that have carved out their own niche. Mindbender’s Ambition and Blasphemer are simply better options.

All in all, Python slays. It’s simple: see special ammo, automatically refill your Shotgun, shoot ads and punch anything else standing.

Let us know what you think of the weapon in the comments.

Image Source: Fanbyte, Warframe Wiki


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