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The MIDA Multi-Tool: Where It Fits In Shadowkeep

Designed by a militant organization from an alternate timeline, the MIDA Multi-Tool is an exotic scout rifle carried over from Destiny 1 that has been tailor-made for Crucible.


Designed by a militant organization from an alternate timeline, the MIDA Multi-Tool is an exotic scout rifle carried over from Destiny 1 that has been tailor-made for Crucible.

The MIDA Multi-Tool has been a headliner in both the Destiny 1 and 2 Crucible. Being one of the first Exotic quests from the Destiny 2 vanilla campaign, it has since been eclipsed by more practical exotics like the Last Word, Thorn, and the Chaperone. The main reason for this is its perks. MIDA Radar causes this rifle’s radar to always be on, even while aiming down the scope. Its intrinsic perk gives a boost to movement speed.

It also is the only Exotic besides Drang and Sturm to have a companion weapon, the MIDA Mini-Tool. Despite the fact that it’s the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen, the submachine gun gains even more movement speed when used with MIDA. The year-one version of the Mini-Tool is terrible, considering the state of weapon rolls at that time. Fortunately, a Calus-fied iteration of the gun returned in the Menagerie PvE activity known as the CALUS-Mini tool. The gun can drop with several decent perks like underdog and feeding frenzy, and isn’t half bad in both PvP and PvE.

But back to MIDA, let’s break it down by activity.


This weapon was a staple back in Destiny 1, but in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, it feels rather tame. The boost to radar is useful, but with a bevy of other exotic armour pieces introduced since Vanilla D2, there are many ways to match and improve on enemy tracking. An improvement to movement speed is, again, a positive, but it does not feel groundbreaking. The weapon does include a catalyst that adds outlaw, which definitely speeds up performance.

The best use of this weapon is for players new to PvP. The gun lets players get a handle of their surroundings and do some damage at a distance. Its optimal range is long to mid, which means that submachine guns and hand cannons can help defend at closer distances. However, scouts are not exactly part of the meta in competitive Crucible, except for a few exceptions like Randy’s Throwing Knife. In specific instances like Momentum Control, where scouts become mini-snipers, just take something else. In this mode, players kiss their tracker goodbye. Take away the signature perk from MIDA and all that’s left is a slightly okay scout that is not able to one-tap. In things like Gambit, it is decent at invading, but juggling PvP with PvE makes so many other weapons outshine the MIDA Multi-Tool. But it’s your exotic slot, I guess.


Really? What can I say here? If you happen to be the sick, masochistic psychopath that takes a MIDA into PvE, just know that it hurts to even think about that logic. The boost to tracking will give you a better sense of how many enemies are ready to murder you. Have fun.

At the end of the day, the MIDA Multi-tool is an aged Exotic. Its use from Destiny 1 makes it worthy of respect, but it’s high time that the gun is retired. A new generation of weapons has sharpened players’ tastes for Exotics, and mixed into the new meta, MIDA just feels bland.

Image Source: Polygon

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