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How Good Is The Last Word (Destiny 2 Version)?


With The Last Word now firmly back where it belongs, in the hands of Guardians in Destiny 2, it’s high time we looked at just how good this weapon is. The Last Word certainly has a degree of renown already, since any Guardian using it has been through the ordeal of acquiring it through its Exotic quest, The Draw. We’ve thrown together a guide of how exactly you complete The Draw already, so if you were worried about actually getting The Last Word don’t be. With all that said, let’s dive straight in with how good this weapon is. A really useful infographic exists of the weapon that we’re using to get the info on stats because Destiny DB doesn’t have them at the time of writing.



The stats on the Destiny 2 version of The Last Word are; Impact 78, Range 28, Stability 46, Handling 28, Magazine Size 8, Rounds Per Minute 180, and Reload Speed 82. The hidden stats are; Zoom 11, Inventory Size 40, Aim Assistance 40, and Recoil Direction 100.

These stats aren’t phenomenal, but they’re pretty decent as far as a Hand Cannon is concerned. The Impact is extremely powerful, and you’ve got to remember that accuracy is far higher when firing from the hip, which we’ll explore next in the perks.


The perks on The Last Word are likely to be set instead of random. We’re basing the following perk analysis on those listed on Destiny DB for The Last Word.

The Exotic Perk, Fan Fire, means this weapon can be fired quickly continuously. It also increases the Reload Speed and Accuracy on successive hip-fire damage.

The rest of the perks on The Last Word, according to Destiny DB, are as follows; Corkscrew Rifling, which slightly increases Range, Stability, and Handling Speed, Accurized Rounds, which increases Range, Hip-Fire Grip, which increases Stability and Accuracy when firing from the hip, and Textured Grip, which greatly increases Handling Speed and decreases Stability.

The Last Word also has kill tracking options, one of which is of course no kill tracker. The other trackers are for enemies killed in the world in PVE, and Guardians killed in PVP.

Since it’s release The Last Word has become the second most used weapon in the Crucible. There’s a steep increase in Guardians using it when The Draw released, but that usage seems to be slowing down now that it’s not the latest new Exotic. However, I’d wager that it’ll be one of the most used weapons in PVP for some weeks and months to come, at least until a new weapon takes its place with the Season of the Drifter.

Ultimately The Last Word is best used in PVP. It’s a real monster when you fire from the hip, and really there’s no other way to fire it. In PVE it can be very handy but there’s nothing like smashing the head of another Guardian in with a gorgeous-looking Hand Cannon such as this.

Let us know what you think of The Last Word in Destiny 2 in the comments on Destiny News Hub.

Image Source: Reddit

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