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Black Talon Review – Auto Slice


Black Talon is an Exotic Sword that was introduced to Destiny with the Forsaken expansion. Xur sold it recently, so we thought it was about time that we did a review of it, and told you just how bloody good it is. First, let’s check out the stats and perks so that you get a good overview of the weapon, then read on for more details and the nitty gritty of PVE vs PVP with this god among Swords.


  • Swing Speed – 46
  • Impact – 64
  • Range – 46
  • Efficiency – 73
  • Defence – 73
  • Magazine – 50
  • Zoom – 0


  • Intrinsic Perk: Crow’s Wings – Heavy attack fires a projectile
  • Heavy Guard – Sword Guard has particularly high defence and efficiency
  • Tireless Blade – Gain Sword ammo for every other Powered Sword kill

Reading these doesn’t really do Black Talon justice if I’m honest, but they are pretty good perks and stats.

How is it in PVE?

In PVE, with Power Ammo everywhere, Black Talon is a superpower that you can whip out and use to slaughter all bosses everywhere. The Intrinsic Perk allows you to jump around and throw out sharp Void blasts that will take out a few smaller enemies at a time, but on bosses it’s devastating. With any boss that has phases of damage, this will help you make short work of them, almost as efficiently as some of the best Exotics in Destiny 2. Otherwise Black Talon is generally just great for everything, including Public Events, and in Gambit it is one of the best ways I’ve experienced of getting rid of invaders quickly. If you’ve ever been taken out right as your Primeval is about to die, healing it, then this is the weapon you need to ensure that never happens again.

How is it in PVP?

Black Talon is held back in PVP by the limited amount of Power Ammo. However, if you do manage to get some, this is the weapon that you need to use to take down multiple Guardians at once. The projectile is definitely the better way of taking out enemies, PVE or PVP, but in PVP it’s particularly good to use. The projectile slash has a huge range, and will keep on going until it’s taken a Guardian out, great news if there’s one running away from you.

The guard option is also useful for helping your team move forward without getting shot at too much, and there’s a perk that benefits from blocking shots quickly as well.


I can’t say anything bad about Black Talon. I’ve used it for a long time, and I love everything about it. The only thing I will say is that it’s not a gun, so if you’re hoping for a lot of shots, or even the sort of accuracy at range that you get with literally any gun, this isn’t the Exotic for you. Even with that said, this Sword is worth a go just for a change of pace. If you’re becoming a big jaded with all the great weapons in your inventory, why not challenge yourself to develop some skill with Black Talon?

As you can tell, I’m in love with Black Talon. Tell me if you are in the comments.

Image Source: DestinyTracker


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