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Is The Huckleberry The Best Exotic Submachine Gun?


The Huckleberry is an Exotic Submachine Gun that’s been used a lot over recent days, mainly thanks to Xur. However, the boost in PVP rank to #6 isn’t just because it’s being used more, it’s because it’s a pretty damn great weapon as well. There’s only one other Exotic Submachine Gun in the game but it’s got a very different Exotic perk, so it’s hard to say which one is the best. Let’s dive into the stats and perks of The Huckleberry now and see if it can be made clear which of these Exotic Submachine Guns is the best.

The Huckleberry fires 750 Rounds Per Minute, has an Impact of 22, Range of 53, Stability of 42, Magazine of 37, Reload Speed of 10, and Handling of 60. The hidden stats are; Zoom of 13, Inventory Size of 100, Aim Assistance of 49, and Recoil Direction of 100.

All of these stats are on the low end of the spectrum, and that’s not a wholly positive sign for a weapon that you want to blast foes away. However, it’s important to remember that this weapon is a Submachine Gun, a class that isn’t supposed the used for blasting enemies away from long range or in huge numbers. This weapon class is built for taking enemies down in short bursts, one after the other, and when they’re so close you can feel their breath on your face. Let’s see if the perks build this weapon up at all.

The Exotic perk, Ride The Bull, increases Recoil and your Rate of Fire while holding down the trigger. This is extremely useful because it’ll help you get kills quicker, and the second part of the perk adds to this. Any kills with the weapon will reload a portion of the magazine, in a similar way to how the only other Exotic Submachine Gun in Destiny 2, Riskrunner does. This creates an endless flow that you can continue slaying enemies with until every single one is dead, or you run out of targets and need to reload.

The rest of the perks are; Fluted Barrel, which greatly increases Handling Speed and slightly increases Stability, Ricochet Rounds, which increases Stability, slightly increases Range, and makes rounds ricochet off of hard surfaces, Rampage, which temporarily increases damage from the weapon after a kill, stacking up to three times, and Short-Action Stock, which greatly increases Handling Speed.

These perks really do beef the weapon up and bring it to that level that makes it the #6 weapon in PVP. But how does The Huckleberry compare to the only other Exotic Submachine Gun, Riskrunner?

Riskrunner is ranked #20 in PVP, and honestly, it is an incredible weapon but its Range is abysmal. However, the same can be said of The Huckleberry so that’s really not worth the comparison. The major difference is the chain lightning that Riskrunner offers, which actually makes it an incredible weapon to use in PVE. Ultimately I’m going to have to say that The Huckleberry is the best Exotic Submachine Gun in Destiny 2, but the fact that it released with Warmind qualifies it as the best one in that DLC, leaving Riskrunner as the best in the core game. I will add that both of these Submachine Guns are very similar, making this comparison very barely possible. Let us know at Destiny News Hub your thoughts in the comments.

Image Source: DestinyWiki

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