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Is Sweet Business The Best Exotic Auto Rifle?


Sweet Business is an Exotic Auto Rifle that looks pretty damn badass, but it’s only ranked in position 41 for PVP. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad weapon, in fact it’s seen a real steady rise in prevalence over the last few weeks, but does that make it the best Exotic Auto Rifle? Let’s take a look at the stats.

Sweet Business fires 360 rounds per minute, has an Impact of 18, a Range of 37, Stability of 46, Magazine of 45, Reload Speed of 10, and Handling of 10. The hidden stats are a Zoom of 16, Inventory Size of 80, aim Assistance of 80, and a Recoil Direction of 100.

Now these stats are fairly middling, in fact they’re pretty damn bad. The weapon, based on stats alone, is definitely focused on firing as many rounds as possible into the enemy, and thanks to fairly decent handling the weapon won’t pull you around too much. There’s definitely room for improvement on these though, let’s see what the Perks are.

The Exotic Perk, Payday, gives Sweet Business a larger magazine and increased accuracy when firing from the hip. Polygonal Rifling increases that Stability stat, High-Caliber Rounds make shots from the weapon knock targets back further and increases Range, Business Time boost the weapon’s Rate of Fire and Range the longer you hold the trigger down, automatically loading ammo into the magazine as well, and Composite Stock slightly increases Stability and Handling Speed.

These Perks really boost the weapon into what the stats have pretty much pre-determined. Firing at enemies continuously is definitely how this Auto Rifle is meant to be used, but there’s an emphasis on firing without aiming here for certain. Auto Rifles have been nerfed a bit since the launch of Destiny 2, but they still hold strong in the Crucible as long as you know how to use them.

In PVE this is definitely going to be a contender for best Auto Rifle. The thing it, you’re firing at bullet sponges a lot of the time, so you want something that fires a heck of a lot of bullets in order to over soak those enemies!

PVP is a different story. You need to be precise and watch what you’re doing in case you waste ammo and end up getting beaten in a 1V1 with the team mate who shows up to protect the Guardian you just killed.

Ultimately there are going to be better Auto rifles in Destiny 2 I’m afraid, especially because they work better when aiming down sights. This is still a contender for best Auto Rifle in PVE though, that’s for sure.

Image Source: DestinyTracker

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