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Destiny Xur Inventory: Should You Buy Invective?


This weekend Xur is selling Invective as the Exotic weapon. This is a shotgun that has two very special features that make it interesting, but is it worth buying?

When it comes to Invective there are two things you need to know. First, this shotgun regenerates it’s own ammunition, and second that it can be fired at full auto. Both of these things make this gun awesome in PVP, because you can run around using your Primary weapon for a bit while you wait for your Special ammo to regenerate, and you can destroy your enemies by spraying all four shots in the magazine in their face.

The ammo regeneration is obviously a fantastic perk, in PVP and PVE, but the full auto perk doesn’t exactly work that well in practice. You see the issue with firing all your shots at once, is that you get four shots worth of recoil at once. That means that while you will probably kill the enemy in front of you, you’ll be staring at the ceiling or the sky after all those shots are gone. Most people don’t want to be staring at the sky in PVP, which is why this gun isn’t used all that much in the Crucible. While it compares well to Icebreaker because of the ammo regeneration, it isn’t anywhere near as good for getting kills. With that said, if you’re a Guardian of the persuasion that running, sliding, shotgunning, and melee attacking is okay, then this is totally the best gun for you.

This weapon does solar damage, which can be incredibly useful for the various activities in Destiny. The ammo regeneration can also play a massive part in keeping you alive during raids and the Nightfall strike each week, but it’s up to you as to whether this is the exotic weapon you want by your side in any of those. Personally I would only buy this gun to add to the exotic collection, but if you only have enough for something useful then wait until next week. I like using the invective more for PVP than PVE, and it is a fun weapon to play around with, but not as much fun as some of the other exotics out there.

Image Source: VG247

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