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Bad Juju’s Hidden Perk


Bad Juju released last week to the excitement of pretty much every Guardian on the planet. The weapon is a legacy Exotic from Destiny 1, though it’s been slightly reworked for Destiny 2 in order to bring it into line with the game’s other Exotics. While we know what the weapon’s perks are from images, and from owning it, no one knew about this hidden perk.

A Guardian over on the Destiny 2 Subreddit, HumongousPizzas, posted about the discovery of Bad Juju’s hidden perk, and they even shared a video of it. If you watch the video you can see the perk in action, but what exactly is it that appears to be happening? All that you might be able to see is the Guardian shooting and killing thralls, but what’s that big explosion towards the video’s end?

What HumongousPizzas saw, while grinding for the Bat Juju catalyst, was random explosions from enemies every now and then. To clarify, this was only happening while the Masterwork for Bad Juju was in progress, but not fully completed. However, I imagine the hidden perk would function regardless of whether or not the Masterwork was completed.

What Does the Hidden Perk Do?

The hidden perk in question causes a massive explosion after what looks like a certain number of kills. Initially HumungousPizzas wasn’t sure that the explosions were linked to Bad Juju, until they noticed that the damage from it was 10,348. That’s one hell of a lot of damage, so it stands to reason that it’s associated with an actual weapon.

In a run of 500 kills the explosion happened only 3 times, leading this Guardian to believe that the chances of this perk activating are less than 1/100. That’s pretty rare, and it’s almost strange enough that it could be something very different, a glitch on Bad Juju. However, I fail to see how this could be a glitch because it activates once you’ve killed an enemy. It doesn’t appear to matter if the kill you get is a precision one, just that it’s a kill.

If there are certain requirements for making this hidden perk activate, no one is exactly sure what they are. Reddit user ayim160 found something similar to HumongousPizzas, but they think the perk activates after a certain number of kills. I’m pretty sure that if this is the way that the perk works, then it’s got to be from the total kills within an activity, otherwise it would definitely be trackable, or at least easier to track.

There are other Exotic weapons with hidden perks in the game, though because they’re hidden it’s not really known if they truly exist. Fighting Lion for example, has a hidden perk that will very rarely turn an enemy into a huge drop of around 10 or more Orbs of Light upon death. Extremely handy in a match of the Crucible.

Someone has also theorised that Lumina has a hidden Firefly perk. they think this because they occasionally see a bright white explosion when they make a precision shot, which kills the enemy and deals damage to those nearby.

What do you think of Bad Juju’s hidden perk? Is this a legitimate perk or a glitch? And how about the hidden perks on Lumina and Fighting Lion? Let us know your thoughts on all of these in the comments.

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  1. I saw these explosions before bad juju’s coming, with different weapons like austringer and recluse, so I don’t think that’s a hidden perk

    • Interesting. I’d say it was because it’s not on every weapon, so it has to be some sort of perk, but it’s not listed.


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