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Destiny 2: The Season of Arrival, a solid introduction for a promising expansion

After the disaster of the Season of Dignity, Bungie launches a new season, the Season of Arrival, which puts the lore of the franchise back in the foreground and prepares the next steps with a certain panache.


When we look back at the history of the Destiny saga, some events come to mind quite simply, and those featuring the Darkness are probably among the most memorable. After more than four years without any real new information about them, they finally came back in the race during the scenario of the last expansion, Bastion of the Shadows, but it’s really only with this Season of Arrival that they fully integrate the story of Destiny 2.

This Season of Arrival is unique in more than one way: it is very long – the Beyond the Light expansion having been postponed, but more importantly, it has the hard work of serving as a transition to it. This task is performed here in a clearer way, unlike the Season of Opulence, which closed the Renegades expansion. First of all, thanks to her script: Bungie offers new cinematics, numerous lore elements, and various activities – much more than the previous season. In addition to the seasonal activities, which come back every year, the studio finally touches the hearts of the players, involving them directly in the more global scenario, which was played (very) in the background until now.

The fact that players are more and more included in the scenario is something that is becoming more and more attractive when it comes to choosing a game. And just like Bungie, online casino games like VSO in particular got it well. Indeed, they too choose to implement live games for example to allow players to feel in an atmosphere really similar to a real casino, but from home. Bungie was able to take the opportunity of this new release to highlight this important development in this new opus of the game.

But what does Season of Arrival mean exactly? It’s very simple: the pyramid ships, which symbolize the Darkness, the main antagonists of the franchise, have arrived in our solar system, causing unexpected and inevitably negative events. The Avant-Garde, who leads the Guardians, can no longer remain mere witnesses, but must now act. But it is without counting on the Abyss, which is trying to make contact with Eris Morn, sending cryptic messages whose meaning will have to be found… in order to continue the war effort. 


From this base, the scenario unfolds gradually week by week. With each weekly reset, players access a new quest with different objectives each time, while accessing new and particularly successful areas. So far a simple landscape, the Cradle – where the Traveller took up residence before the Fall – is a sacred place for Guardians and lore lovers alike. Getting there to defend it is bound to be something to look forward to, and when we finally get there, at the end of each of the weekly quests, it’s to better perceive what awaits us in the coming months within Destiny.

To do this, Bungie inaugurates a new public event. It’s a habit at the studio, but unlike the Season of Dignity, the “Contact” event is more accessible to the less involved players. In this case, the principle of the Gambit is used here: enemies will appear, they release particles, which must then be stored before being placed in a bank in the centre of the action. The event takes place in stages, with a countdown to get there. At the end, rewards await you, knowing that it is also possible to pass it in “epic” to add difficulty (and therefore much better loots). In addition to this, there are other features directly or indirectly related to the vent, including special engrams, which you can then customize and improve depending on the farm you’re doing.

So while the foundations are similar in principle to what was done the previous season, Bungie has nonetheless taken care to take into account all his players, not just those willing to put in 30 hours of play per week. All the things to be done are available even with a reduced playing time. The new weekly mission can thus be done in a single evening, and this is not going to be a problem in the long term since the Power Gain is a bit faster, and more generous. Generally speaking, the studio is making an interesting and saving move here.

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