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Betting on Call of Duty Matches: Is It Profitable?

Call of Duty has a long history. With over 15 games released over 18 years, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular FPS franchises ever. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a gamer that doesn’t know or hasn’t played Call of Duty. With so much experience under their belt, it’s obvious the developers work to make each installment unique.

Of course, this includes the multiplayer mode, which the franchise is famous for. So famous that Call of Duty leagues and championships are well-recognized as esports. The Call of Duty Championship, first held in 2013, is just one example of how far the game, and esports, have come. However, as with any sport, fans may want to not only watch competitive matches – but also bet on them. The question is: how profitable is betting in Call of Duty? Several factors come into play when it comes to this, such as how popular the game is, what kinds of bets you can make, and how easy it is to bet on matches.

First thing’s first: how do you bet on Call of Duty matches?

Betting on Call of Duty esports is quite easy with the bonus of being fun! Make your bets, watch the games, try to guess who will win. The added thrill of it all makes betting on the game exhilarating. No, it’s not an unregulated, underground industry. Plenty of international gaming betting vendors will have COD matches as part of their offering.

There’s an abundance of Call of Duty betting sites where fans of the series can make their predictions and possibly make some cash! Just make sure to read up on reviews and choose your betting provider wisely.

How popular is the Call of Duty competitive scene?

Knowing how many different Call of Duty games there are, it’s safe to assume there’s a stable flow of tournaments. The games themselves amass millions of players with each installment. 

For the skilled players who want to play professionally, there are many championships and leagues of the game that allow them to prove themselves. An abundance of games allows for an abundance of championships and, in turn, allows for more fans watching. With this, it’s safe to say that Call of Duty’s competitive scene is quite popular.

What kinds of bets can you make on Call of Duty?

The types of bets you can make usually depend on the service provider and the options they offer. However, some of the most common ones are conventional betting, accumulators, and live betting. 

Conventional betting is by far the simplest method, but you can do more than just guess who wins the match. Conventional betting also allows players to bet on the total wins, outrights, and many other types of single wagers. Accumulators build on that concept, allowing bettors to, well, accumulate several single wagers. These kinds of bets are very profitable but also very risky as you have to guess everything correctly to be able to win. Finally, live betting is pretty self-explanatory and it can be very exciting!

You can choose to make any kind of bets you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind that it’s important to take into account the strength and weaknesses of each type of bet while making the choice, though!

Final verdict

Based on the criteria we mentioned before, we think betting has a bright future in Call of Duty. It’s becoming more and more relevant as the championships are hosted every year. The system is fun and exciting and is sure to make you enjoy watching the matches even more. Most of all, the websites hosting the betting services are legal. However, it’s still important to check your country’s online gambling policies to make sure betting on Call of Duty is legal where you live!

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