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Best online games Destiny 2 fans can try to

Launched in 2017, Destiny 2 still brags about its well-deserved place that tops the list of MMO (massively multiplayer online) games. The market was even happier to see the transition from a paid shooter into a fully fledged free-to-play title published in 2019. The game entered the hall of fame with a combination of multiplayer mode, strikes, raids, and PvP deathmatches. Players deep into this popular genre can also experience a couple of titles similar in nature also engaging and exciting.


Neverwinter is top notch fun if you’re looking for a new f2p MMO, and especially if you’re a fan of Forgotten Realms. The fight and implementation of D&D rules is great. Always actively use less than ten skills or magic, although at the maximum, 60th level, you will have an arsenal of about twenty of them. Use free or skills called “at-will” arbitrarily and they are mapped for use with the mouse. For online casino players, there is a little extra something inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. If you’re an aficionado, try the homonymous slot and enjoy a 200% bonus casino funds on your first deposit.

There are three “encounter” skills that have a small cooldown and one very powerful “daily” skill that you activate when you accumulate enough action points. There are eight races at your disposal. Each player can be a dwarf, halfling, man, elf, half-elf, half-rook and tiefling, while the drow is reserved for those who have paid the Founders pack. Additional breeds are promised for a new order but will be added less frequently than new classes.

Borderlands 2 and The Handsome Collection

This is a series that boasts an extremely harmonious translation of all the “cover” elements of the 2D isometric RPG legend into a 3D perspective of a modern hybrid-shooter and a role-playing-game. The collection comes with a sequel and all expansions and DLCs. With four new playful avatars, including the robot Claptrap, numerous newspapers and “gazillion” weapons, Pre-sequel is the perfect game for a team that provides tens of hours of hilarious fun.

We are on the planet Pandora again, in the role of one of the new treasure hunters. The planet is under the control of the evil Hands Jack, and our heroes must uncover Vault’s secrets and get his head out alive. The game offers an even bigger set of events and more activity compared to the first iteration. With attractive gameplay and options, this is a great adventure with unforgettable humor, likable graphics, and great co-op.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the latest game from Respawn Entertainment and creator of Titanfall, differs from competitors such as PUBG and Fortnite because it focuses on the team-play and offers a multitude of colorful creatures all of whom have unique abilities. You’ll still be dumped on the island and explore every part of it in search of equipment, but Apex Legends stands out for a few things.

The game is completely team based and there is no solo mode. Each match takes out 20 teams with 3 members fighting for survival, and offers a ton of communication tools even when you don’t have a microphone on hand. The pack is also famous as it offers eight specific Legends as playable characters, and each of them has special abilities and special moves to put an enemy down.

World War Z

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. From New York to Moscow and Jerusalem, the apocalypse of the undead is spreading. As the end draws near, a small group of people unite to outlive the undead. This is an exciting third-person-shooter for up to four players battling hundreds of zombies. Based on the Paramount Pictures film and Max Brooks’ story, the focus is on fast-paced play as your character explores various locations around the globe.

Immediately after its release, this title attracted the attention of the audience due to the specific way of playing, which comes down to killing hundreds and thousands of zombies in just one level. The visual aspect of the game, which is reminiscent of a movie and faithfully depicts large hordes of zombies that are madly attacking, is especially emphasized.


The niche is full of related topics dwelling in the open world where players can find titles including Battle Royale or Warframe. Each video game you choose allows customization and promises quality gameplay with interesting features and attractive missions where players cooperate to destroy enemies in a glorious combat. Along with Destiny, the massive online games niche has a lot to show in years to come. A chance to engage your friends and spend some quality time makes everything even more engaging, so it’s righteous to say that only small details can make a difference. Let’s just not forget about Bungie or Halo and Halo 2 while completing the list of games recommended to players of all experience levels.

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