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Why You Should Be Playing Verdant Forest This Weekend


This weekend is the first that The Revelry will be live for, but it’s also Easter weekend. In the UK at least this means that both Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays, meaning no work or school. It’s also a great justification to be playing a game like Destiny 2, but there are more reasons than pure availability that you should be playing Verdant Forest this weekend.

The Revelry is a Limited Time Event

The Revelry is running from the 16th of April until the 7th of May. Realistically this gives you three weekends to be taking part in Verdant Forest, the event’s new activity. For those Guardians who only really have time to play at the weekends this narrows the number of runs you can do through the Forest. That’s going to seriously harm your ability to unlock Arbalest if that’s something that you’re grinding for.

However, the fact that The Revelry is a limited time event should also be reason enough alone to entice you to play it. While events such as Crimson Days and The Dawning repeat every year, The Revelry could be something that’s only going to occur once as part of this Annual Pass. Wouldn’t it be sad if you had the opportunity to earn all of this event-specific gear and you didn’t make as much of the opportunity as you could have?


Arbalest is the new Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle that’s exclusive to The Revelry. In order to unlock it you need to earn 300 Reveler’s Essence, and complete seven of the ten event-specific Triumphs. That’s not a task that you’re going to accomplish by passing up time to play Destiny 2 such as that which is available to you this weekend.

It’s not just that Arbalest is exclusive to The Revelry, it’s that it’s an Exotic weapon that’s available for purchase. This might happen each week when Xur rocks up, but it’s not common for an event exclusive Exotic to be available in this way. If you’re a collector like me then this is a golden opportunity to add an Exotic to the bank without needing to pray to the RNG gods.

The Infinite Forest is a Brilliant Concept

Since it was introduced with Curse of Osiris The Infinite Forest has served very little purpose outside of the DLC’s missions and story. It wasn’t until the Haunted Forest event came around that the area saw value added to it. You won’t get many opportunities in the future to explore The Infinite Forest, and that’s a shame because it really is one of the best concepts ever added to Destiny 2. By making the most of it with Verdant Forest this weekend you’ll be able to look back fondly and say you’re one of the Guardians who really embraced everything The Infinite Forest had to offer.

Revelry Armour

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Armour you can pick up from the Verdant Forest, but it’s fabulous. Both sets have Ornaments that add ridiculous things like stag antlers to your Guardian. Do I need to say any more about that? I think you should want to explore the activity just to look like a grown up Bambi personally.

There are many other reasons that you should be playing Verdant Forest this weekend. You’ll be supporting the developers who spent so much time creating the event with you in mind, there are hundreds of bosses you need to kill, or the fact that it’s spring time and this is a spring activity you can partake in without leaving the house.

Whatever your reason for playing Verdant Forest this weekend, let us know in the comments.

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