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Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon Quest Guide

The quest for Lumina went live yesterday and we now have a definitive guide to help you acquire it! This guide also helps you nab the Legendary Hand Cannon Rose along the way, which is something you might want to do since it’s so convenient and part of the quest itself. Let’s dive right in.


The quest for Lumina went live yesterday, and we now have a definitive guide to help you acquire it! This guide also helps you nab the Legendary Hand Cannon Rose along the way, which is something you might want to do since it’s so convenient and part of the quest itself. Let’s dive right in.

Step 1: Go To The EDZ

You need to pick the quest for Lumina up from the EDZ, so find it in the director and spawn in Trostland, near the church where Devrim Kay hangs out. From here you need to go north from the church, through those abandoned storehouses, and keep going until you hit the Salt Mine. There will be a set of doors with the word “Salzwerk” above them, go through and keep moving until you reach the broken elevator. At this point you must interact with the teleporter to the next elevator.

This will land you on a ridge above the Salt Mine itself. Move up the hill and past the destroyed cars and Fallen enemies until you reach a wall with a guard rail to the left of you, and one of those Fallen barriers to the right of you. From here you need to walk towards the edge where there’s a gap in the guard rail, but don’t jump off. Instead, keep moving until you reach a small path that you can just about move along. This will go to a cave entrance that you must get into, and then follow this path until you reach an old Guardian’s campsite. This is the location where Thorn was originally found, in the ashes of the fire. Now however you need to keep going to find the chest, and that will start Lumina’s quest.

Step 2: Get Rose

Now that you have the note from Shin you need to use your Calibration Device to find a chest within a Lost Sector. Use the device to find this chest, it’s got roses all over it and looks distinctly ornate in comparison with others in Destiny 2.

Step 3: Bearers Of Evil Past

This is the first grindy part of Lumina’s quest, requiring you to generate 250 Orbs of Light. these can be generated anywhere, so whatever activities you enjoy the most might be worth giving a go to get through this. for me it’s Gambit. Once you’ve generated all 250 Orbs of Light you’ll be awarded Rose and three new quests.

Step 4: Rose, Revealed

These three new quests must be completed to give Rose some perks, and ultimately make it into Lumina. They can be completed in any order, so here they all are plus what you need to do for them.

Step 4 Part 1: Band Together

For this quest you need to earn 50,000 points in a Nightfall, so strap on some friends and get to work!

Step 4 Part 2: Face The Hordes

Complete 35 points worth of progress in either; Escalation Protocol, Black Armory Forges, or Blind Well. there are seven points for each Heroic Blind Well completion, which is definitely the highest, but I’d say go with what’s easiest for you. For me here, it would be escalation Protocol.

Step 4 Part 3: Defend The Light

This quest part requires you to kill 100 enemies without reloading your weapon. There are weapons such as Sweet Business that will definitely help with this, I can also think of the Exotic Sub Machine Gun Riskrunner as a good option.

Step 5: Fireteam Leader

This step asks you to get kills with Rose and complete activities. Extra progress is awarded for doing these things with other Guardians who also have Rose equipped, so it makes sense to team up with anyone you can who’s in a similar stage to you, or needs help with earlier steps. I think the Menagerie might be a good shout for this step since it’s a group activity with hordes and hordes of enemies.

Step 6: Strength In Numbers

This quest step is another grindy one, and it’s much more grindy than the first I’m afraid. Here you need to do the following; kill enemy Guardians with Hand Cannons, generate 50 Orbs of Light for allies, and kill invaders before they kill your allies in Gambit.

Killing enemy Guardians is possible in a single PVP match if you ensure you’re on a team with with Hand Cannon users. If you’re not then it could take a few, but you will complete this eventually.

Generating Orbs of Light and killing invaders could both be progressed during Gambit matches if you’d prefer to do it that way. I find killing invaders easy, but I understand it can be hard for Guardians who don’t often play Gambit. Generating Orbs of Light simply requires you to spam your Super as soon as you have it. You could hold off and use it only when it helps the team, but honestly whenever you get the chance to kill lots of enemies will be the best place for the sake of the quest.

Step 7: Crystal Hunting With Xol

Now it’s time to charge Rose up. Head to the Will of Thousands Strike on Mars and use Rose to shoot those Hive crystals that are scattered throughout the activity. you must destroy 11 in your time in the Strike, or you’ll have to reset and try again, so destroy as many of them as you find.

With all the crystals destroyed, kill Xol and claim Lumina.

That’s the entire quest for getting your hands on Lumina. Let us know how you get on with it in the comments. Personally I can see it taking some Guardians a few days to complete.

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