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How To Complete An Impossible Task In Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn


An Impossible Task is probably the most exciting quest in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, and it’s a big one. This is the quest in which you meet Saint-14 for the first time, and you can do it before his official entrance later in the season if you’d like to. To get to him though, you’ll need Perfect Paradox, which we actually have a guide for. With that sorted, let’s move on.

Vex Bits

For the first part of this quest you’ll be killing Vex and finding their Transformers, but first you’ve got to gather some Vex parts. This is all in an effort to fully repair The Sundial and and finding Saint-14 for Osiris. To repair it you need to head out and find 15 Vex Transformers, 5 each on Mercury, Nessus, and Io. Our recommendation is to start on Mercury since you’re already there.

Mercury Vex Transformers

Transformer 1

The first Transformer is located just behind the Lighthouse on this planet. Head back there and look up, you can’t miss it.

Transformer 2

The second Transformer is one you need to shoot. Head to the far left of the planet’s map, get out a Sniper Rifle, and aim towards the tower. You’ll see it there clear as day, now nail it with a bullet.

Transformer 3

From your position on the far left of the map of Mercury, turn right and cross the lake of Radiolarian Fluid. There should be a hidden passage behind the wall with a new Transformer, find it and grab it.

Transformer 4

Near to the Infinite Forest’s entrance, on the north part of the map, get out your Sniper Rifle again and aim at the top of the doorway. You can’t miss this Transformer, so shoot it and move on.

Transformer 5

Now move over to the far right hand side of Mercury’s map. On the northeast edge you need to drop off and down onto a ledge. Look at the wall in front of you and you should be able to make out another Vex Transformer that requires a bullet.

Transformer 6

With this next set of 5 Transformers we’re heading to Nessus. Head straight to Exodus Black and enter the tunnel of the Chamber of Sky. The Transformer should be above you, waiting to be shot.

Transformer 7

Now move to the Glade of Echoes, and in the centre of the map you should look around for a pile of debris and a metal walkway. Walk under them and you’ll find the Vex Transformer, which you can collect.

Transformer 8

Now get to the Hallows, and find a small section to get into in the north wall. You should see the Vex transformer in there, so go ahead and shoot it.

Transformer 9

This one is in Artifact’s Edge, but don’t jump off the tower right away. Instead, turn around and look at the huge stone blocks behind you, the ones with red vines over them. Get that Sniper Rifle out again, zoom in, and shoot the Vex Transformer.

Transformer 10

This is the last Transformer on Nessus before we head to Io. Head to the middle of the Tangle, right where the two giant trees are located. Look underneath the second tree, and the Vex Transformer is hidden there amongst some vines and leaves.

Transformer 11

In case you didn’t catch it in the last Transformer guide, the next 5 are on Io. This first one is near The Rupture, so land there. Run forwards and get up those mad metal cliffs, and look towards the upper parts of the Pyramidion. The Vex Transformer should be up there, so shoot it.

Transformer 12

This next one is within the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. At the point where you find the first Taken enemies, look up and left to see a small cave there. Climb up with the small pillar and get inside to see and shoot the Vex Transformer.

Transformer 13

In Lost Oasis underneath the tree you’ll find a pretty easy Vex Transformer, just get it.

Transformer 14

Now get yourself to Terrabase Charon. Getting there from Lost Oasis will take you through a destroyed Cabal base. In here, look at the walkway above, and you’ll see an easy Vex Transformer to shoot and collect.

Transformer 15

Near to Giant’s Scar, within Excavation Site 2, head into the left tunnel and follow it all the way up the ramp. On the right there should be a destroyed doorway, if you crouch to get inside you can see another, the final, Vex Transformer to collect.

Hunt Some Vex

Now that all of the collecting is out of the way, it’s time to kill some Vex, 25 to be exact, though they need to be powerful Vex. These are the guys with orange or yellow health bars, but you also need to get 50 precision Vex kills. Currently the best tactic for completing this seems to be to head to Artifact’s Edge, go and complete the Lost Sector Orrery, and then repeat until you’ve completed the quest step.

Corridor’s of Time

Now you’ll be able to jump into a story mission that sees you try to find Saint-14. It’s a fairly standard affair, but also one of the best story missions in Destiny history, so take your time and enjoy it.

At the end of the mission you need to hit the prompt in Saint-14’s right arm, so don’t expect to be able to do it from anywhere. After the mission is finished you’ll be kicked back to orbit. You could go back and see Osiris, but he just tells you to wait for next week to get more story.

That’s it! Let us know if you managed to get on and find the big man Titan in the comments.

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