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A Guide To Completing Every Moment Of Triumph In Solstice Of Heroes


With the Solstice of Heroes in full swing we thought it would be a good idea to give all Guardians a bit of a guiding hand when it comes to completing Moments of Triumph. With each Triumph you unlock more points which earn you better rewards. All of the Triumphs can be tracked through the Destiny 2 Companion App, but we’ll also cover them here so you can see which ones you may or may not have done.


1. Bringer of Light – Finish Destiny 2’s Base Campaign (10 points)

This Triumph isn’t going to be incredibly difficult to do, and in fact most of you Guardians will probably already have it in the bag. For anyone who hasn’t finished the campaign, get on and do it. The missions are clearly signposted and tracked in your map, making it easy to follow the core missions from start to finish. While the final mission can be a bit of a challenge, it’s well worth it for the conclusion, story, and the ability to compete in the rest of the game’s content.

2. Follower of Osiris – Finish the Curse of Osiris Campaign (10 points)

If you don’t have access to either of Destiny 2’s expansions, don’t worry. These are available as part of the Season Pass, although you might be waiting for the Forsaken Collection to come out, which packages the first two expansions with the upcoming one, Forsaken. I would advise against this if you want to make the most of Moments of Triumph. Curse of Osiris is a fairly quick campaign to complete, and it adds a lot of new content for you to be accessing as you work through all of the other Triumphs available to you now.

3. Awaken the Warmind – Finish Warmind Campaign (10 points)

Warmind is the best expansion for Destiny 2 so far, and it’s about 3 or 4 hours if you do it in one go. It unlocks even more content for you to access while completing the Moments of Triumph, and honestly it’s an easy added 10 points. This again requires a purchase however, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to get into right now. For all three of these initial Triumphs there is no better tip than keep on playing, because eventually you’ll get to the point where all the missions are done, accomplishing other Triumphs along the way.

4. Fleeting Memories – Collect all 45 Latent Memories (15 points)

There are 45 Latent Memories in total, all of which are located on Mars, and are part of the Warmind expansion. These aren’t the easiest to locate and collect, but can be found as you complete other tasks and missions in Destiny 2. Right now we do not have a guide to where all of the Latent Memories are located, but you can use the Memory Fragment tracker which was put together by the community in order to find them. Access it here. Once you find a Latent Memory you must shoot it in order to collect it, when you’ve done all 45 you’ll receive a special Exotic Sword as your reward, as well as the accomplishment of this Triumph.

5. Check Out My Arsenal – Obtain 25 Exotic Weapons or Armour (15 points)

This is a relatively easy Triumph for anyone who has been playing Destiny 2 for at least a few months. Exotic Weapons and Armour are the rarest and best types, they have special perks that make them unique and generally are quite fantastic. Xur, the Exotic vendor who arrives in Destiny 2 every Friday, brings these with him and you can buy them for Legendary Shards. As we’ve said in every article covering Xur since these Moments of Triumph were announced, you should be buying these in order to up the number in your collection. Don’t worry if you haven’t, because over the course of the next month or so you can save up and buy them all from him every week. This, in combination with the Exotic loot you should earn in that time, will help you reach a total of 25 easily. One tip for right now is to look through the Triumphs and see which ones, such as the one above, will also earn you an Exotic Weapon or piece of Armour. Complete those and you’re well on your way.

6. Show Me The Way – Obtain Sagira’s Ghost Shell (20 points)

This is the first quite tricky Triumph in the list, and it requires you to own the Curse of Osiris expansion. Firstly you will need to have finished the campaign for Curse of Osiris and have completed all of the normal Adventures on Mercury, and the Heroic Adventure that unlocks after you’ve done all of that.

With this completed Brother Vance will give you the item Lost Prophecy Verse 1. Completing the verse, which you do by gathering 10 Radiolorian Cultures, will net you a Legendary Weapon. With this Verse complete Vance will give you two more this week, but he will only give you three a week.

There are 11 Verses in total, and once you’ve completed them all you’ll unlock Sagira’s Shell. Now to do this you’re going to have to be completing every Verse from Vance from this week until the end of the Solstice of Heroes. None of the Verses are particularly taxing and you could probably complete them alongside some other Triumphs in this list, so be smart and collect them regularly in order to get this Shell. Oh, and the Shell is Exotic.

7. The Very Best – Reach Vanguard Rank 50 in Season 3 (20 points)

This one is a massive grind, but again can be completed alongside other Triumphs. Vanguard rank is earned from Tokens which you earn from the Vanguard Strike playlist, or Nightfall Strikes. Completing these earns decent rewards anyway so they’ll be good to do, but there’s one more thing you can do with the rewards to boost your rank, dismantle them. Well okay, dismantle the Legendary Weapons and Armour you don’t need for Shards, because you can buy more Tokens and potentially earn more reputation from Zavalla in the Tower. Unfortunately this is going to take a long time, so settle in for a lot of Strikes Guardians.


8. The Hero We Deserve – Complete All Public Events on Heroic Difficulty (10 points)

This is pretty straightforward in what you need to do, but difficult in the execution. In order to access a Heroic Public Event you need to activate the trigger that switches it, and there are 25 apparently according to the Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph tracker. We don’t currently have a list of how to trigger all Public Events as Heroic Public Events, but IGN have the best guide we’ve seen so far on the subject, so use that to help you accomplish this Triumph.

9. Treasure Hunter – Collect All Region Chests (10 points)

There are 68 region chests in total to collect, spread out across each planet in the game. Finding these is going to take a lot of time walking around from pace to place, but it’s worth it for an easy 10 points, plus you can complete Public and Heroic Events along the way. Again, unfortunately we don’t have our own guide to all of these chests, but we have found the best one out there at the moment on Eurogamer, so we would advise using that to help you get every chest and complete this Triumph.

10. I Will Smash You – Defeat 100 Opponents in the Crucible (15 points)

This is very straightforward but will take you a while to accomplish. They only tip we can give you is to play as much Crucible as you can, which could include whatever is required for completing the daily Missions. Make sure you play in the Quickplay Playlist or the Weekly Crucible Playlist, since both of these are what will earn you Valour. The Competitive Playlist will earn you Glory, and that won’t count towards what you’re trying to achieve in this Triumph. It’s worth doing early because it’ll help you along the way on another Triumph in this list that’s a bit harder to achieve.

11. Adventurous – Complete 20 Adventures (20 points)

You’ve probably already achieved this Triumph if you were an early Guardian in Destiny 2. All you need to do is finish a total of 20 Adventures, which are scattered around every planet. If you’ve got Warmind and Curse of Osiris then try to complete the Adventures on Mercury and Mars because that will help you on your way to other Triumphs. If you only have the base game then don’t worry, there are still plenty of Adventures signposted on every planet to get on with. Just check your map for details of where the nearest Adventure is.

12. Hive Extermination – Complete Tier 7 in Escalation Protocol (20 points)

currently Escalation Protocol is the hardest thing to do in Destiny 2, if you have Warmind. this is a Public Event which Guardians must activate, and can be played by everyone in the map at the time if they’re interested in joining in. The event presents 7 waves of Hive enemies, each one with a boss, and each one getting harder than the last. The final wave is Tier 7, and this is not easy to complete. Our advise here would be to try to complete Escalation Protocol with as many friends or Guardians from your clan as you possibly can, the more of you there are then the easier you will find this. The chances are most Guardians haven’t actually completed this even on Tier 7 anyway, so you should have enough people to help you out. Check the DestinyLFG subreddit or website if you do need to find a helping hand however.

13. Valour Fables – Reach Fabled in Valour Ranking in Season 3 (20 points)

Fabled is the fourth Crucible Valour Rank. In order to earn this you need to play Crucible matches. there isn’t much more of a tip than this I’m afraid, you earn rank from finishing a match, less for a loss than a win. If you’re on a winning streak you earn slightly more. When you reach the highest rank you can reset, and this is how you work your way up to the heights of rank 50 , which you need for a certain Exotic item that’s available for purchase from Shaxx in the Tower. This is a Triumph you can achieve by logging in every day and playing a few matches, completing the Crucible Daily Missions, and generally spending time in the aforementioned playlists.

14. The Emperor – Defeat Calus in the Leviathan Raid (20 points)

Unfortunately we do not have a raid guide on the site, but there are plenty out there. We’re not going to say which one is the best because they all differ depending on who wrote them, and they all feature different aspects fo the raid. If you’re struggling then use Guided Games, which should be brimming with Guardians right now with Solstice of Heroes going on. Guided Games is a place where you can sign up to be guided through a raid by someone who’s been through it a few times before. You might have to wait a while for enough players to join the game, but it’s the best way to complete this Triumph if you need it and don’t have a regular group of Guardians that you raid with.

15. Prove Your Worth – Complete Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars Raid Lairs (20 points)

Once again, we don’t have our own raid lair guides, but there are plenty of good ones out there. This is another case where Guided Games might be your best option if you want to finish these raids and never touch them again. As a solo player myself I’ve never touched these, which is just how some people play Destiny 2, but even I’m going to be in the Guided Games lobbies looking for people to help me through the raid lairs.


16. Running Errands – Complete 25 Bounties (10 points)

Bounties present you with tasks that you need to complete, much like these Moments of Triumph are. You can get Vanguard Bounties, Crucible Bounties, Destiny 2 Bounties, and Moments of Triumph Bounties. These all relate to what they’re named for, which means you can get on and just complete the bounties for the activities you really enjoy, or you can complete more if you want further rewards. The only tips we have here are to go first for what you’re good at, or play most, and then move onto the other bounties so that you still give yourself a chance at completing more. Bounties can be completed while you’re doing other things, so check back regularly and stock up on them to maximise you’re Triumph earning.

17. In My Element – Collect 250 Elemental Orbs (25 points)

In order to start picking up Elemental Orbs you need to be wearing the Solstice of Heroes Armour. The Armour is given to all Guardians at the beginning of the event, and competing various tasks during the event will upgrade it all the way to Power level 400 if you’re dedicated. The best tip here is to just always wear the Armour when playing, it’ll mean that Elemental Orbs drop from dead enemies, and that’s all you really need. there are reports of one farming tactic, which you can find here, but we’ll let you be the judge of whether you’re capable of doing it or not. Best advise, just wear the Armour and play the game.

18. Remember Who You Are – Complete Each Mission Redux at Least Once (30 Points)

Redux Missions are altered versions of 5 of the core campaign missions in Destiny 2, which we’ve covered in a previous article. These are accessed through statues found around the social space, so take care as you explore and make sure you find all 5 in order to access all the missions and get this Triumph. Our tip would be to ensure you keep an eye on the requirements for upgrading the Solstice armour sets, since some of them will revolve around these missions.

19. Fashion Hero – Upgrade the Full Solstice of Heroes Armour Set to Legendary Quality (50 points)

Now this is a grind. There are very specific requirements for each Class’ set of Armour, but luckily there’s a relatively good guide to what’s needed over on Polygon. The most important thing to do here is to remember that you must upgrade this Armour at all times, so before you take part in any activity, check the requirements on the Armour and think about what you really want to accomplish.

20. Above and Beyond – Masterwork Any Solstice of Heroes Armour (50 points)

This one is a challenge for those who really spend no time on anything else buy playing Destiny 2. The requirements are covered in the link in the previous Triumph tip, and they are probably some of the hardest in the game. Our advice is to keep your head down and get on with these as much as you can, if you really want the challenge of getting this Armour to Masterwork quality. For some of you it may not be worth it, and that’s okay, but this will be the most powerful Armour in the game until Forsaken releases.

Let us know how you get on with Solstice of Heroes in the comments. This event should be a real treat and give Guardians plenty to do for the summer months when nothing else is happening.

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