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Watch The Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals End Of Season Event Here

Watch a 10 minute video of the end of season event for Season of Arrivals right here!

Watch The Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals End Of Season Event Here

If you, like me, are based in the UK, you probably missed the end of season event for Season of Arrivals. For reasons that are probably all to do with server stability, Bungie made the event go live at 2.30 am in the UK. Not only do I desperately need my beauty sleep to slow the aging process that is slowly ruining my face, but I also have a daughter and can’t cope unless I get to bed by 10 pm at the latest. Luckily, loads of Guardians have captured the event for us and posted them online.

We’ve got a couple of videos that show you exactly what happened when Season of Arrivals came to an end. This first one comes courtesy of IGN.

This video is pretty comprehensive. It covers the event from start to finish, even when the Guardian was kicked to orbit and then out of the game entirely as the Traveler healed up.

We knew that the Traveler was healing because the images which were recently discovered on the PlayStation Store. They show a healed Traveler, something that we’ve not seen since the very start of Destiny 2’s red War campaign.

From the dialogue that our Ghost gives us in this video, it seems like the same energy the Traveler used to create the Ghosts, which was a last ditch effort to save humanity, is used to heal it. All this time it’s been building up that energy, and now it’s used it to full heal itself.

In fact, the Ghost describes it as a heartbeat. The Traveler is the life force of each Ghost, and therefore each Guardian, so it would make sense that all Ghosts can sense this event.

What I want to know is why the Traveler has waited until now to heal itself. Maybe it needed time to build up enough energy, whether it’s Light or something else, in order to heal. It could also be a reaction to the Pyramids arriving in the system.

Think about a virus. When your body is first infected, the virus takes over. This is a natural part of your immune system. Your body almost allows the virus to really get in there, just so your antibodies can capture the cells and learn to fight back against them.

If the Traveler is the immune system in this scenario, then Guardians are the antibodies. This end of season event could be the spark that sees the Traveler beginning to fight back against the infection that’s hit the Solar System, which would be the body in this metaphor.

This second video comes courtesy of a Guardian on Reddit. It only shows the ending of the event, but it’s another viewpoint we can all enjoy.

That is everything we have on the end of season event for Season of Arrivals. I can safely say that it was better than the last end of season event we had, but maybe that’s because it transported Guardians to a separate location. If everyone was in the Tower I have no doubt that this event would have been just as much of a mess.

Let us know what you think of this event in the comments.

Image Source: GameSpot

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